How does Cloud Computing Work?

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Cloud technology has influenced digital adoption across industries over the last few years. With cloud computing services such as servers, networking, storage, databases, software, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”), your business can ensure faster innovation, no IT infrastructure maintenance, efficient data security, flexible resources, and economies of scale. You specifically pay only for cloud services you employ, helping reduce your operating costs, run your infrastructure seamlessly, and speed up the processes as your business needs change.

AWS Cloud Architect Services

Our comprehensive AWS cloud architect services solutions will make every stage of your AWS cloud journey seamless. From migrating, managing, and optimizing your cloud environment, we are here to help you leverage AWS's power to accelerate your business success.

Cloud Architecture Design

To deliver core business solutions in the cloud environment, we assess your goals and rigorously work on your application architecture and network design. Overall, we work with you throughout the process to implement the right cloud solution for your business needs and get to value faster.

Cloud Migration

Get our AWS migration services and seamlessly migrate the full workload to AWS from any shared hosting or existing cloud platform. Our AWS cloud migration services ensure auto-scaling, secure, optimized performance, and maximum uptime.

Cloud Managed Cloud Services

Cloud managed service offers a consistent view of business handling and impact across your platforms using management frameworks and tools.

Cloud Consulting

We help you build the cloud deployment strategy to get the most out of AWS. Our cloud specialists analyze your existing app infrastructure to identify the performance gap and recommend a roadmap that will help you leverage the operational benefits of DevOps.

Cloud Security Services

Leverage our cloud skills and expertise to develop a holistic cloud security strategy that aligns with your operational goals and objectives.

DevOps on AWS

Our certified AWS cloud specialists can help you automate end-to-end AWS-based infrastructure across cloud platforms. With our experts, you can seamlessly build and deploy compound cloud architectures on Amazon web services via using services like AWS codeBuild, CodePipeline, AWS CodeDeploy, etc.

Our Cloud Capabilities

Our full range of AWS capabilities can help you to design and manage a secure and highly available cloud infrastructure on one of the world's safest, most comprehensive, and most reliable cloud platforms.

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Public Cloud

We excel at building modern architectures based on the most popular public cloud providers: AWS, GCP, Azure, and DigitalOcean.

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

We have extensive years of experience in designing hybrid cloud architectures. This hybrid solution is highly recommended for businesses working with sensitive data.



Multi-cloud is one of the most in-demand solutions in 2022 and beyond. Employing the power of multiple clouds is squeezing out the benefits of each one.

Our Cloud Architect Expertise

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Measuring your cloud performance is a key to success when adopting cloud practices. We help with the following cloud platforms to streamline your cloud journey.

How Does Cloud Migration Work?

Switching to the cloud can be transformative for businesses, but it can be complex from the start of the migration stage— with so many decisions and budgetary considerations to factor in, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. The aim is here to guide enterprises through the three Migration phases: Assess, Mobilize, and Migrate & Modernize.

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We implement best practices to help you work through any AWS cloud migration challenges. We'll conduct a cloud assessment to inform your business of its cloud readiness.



With our colocation services, you and your team can detect any potential challenges, budgetary constraints, or knowledge gaps that need to be managed to ensure your cloud is set up for success before or after migration.



In this phase, our cloud architect specialists will begin migrating your software, ensuring that all apps or software have been tested. Once your applications are set up in the cloud, we'll optimize your AWS environment to monitor the performance.

Why Choose Us?

Our AWS cloud architect services will enable you to leverage the best possible way of cloud adoption that is suitable for your business and help you make your cloudware efficient and business-oriented.

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Cost Optimization

Manage your cloud spending and identify architecture, operational and financial ways to drive savings.

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Extend Operation Efficiency

Free your business from cloud operations, maintenance, and monitoring distraction.

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Secure AWS Investment

Meet security needs and compliance requirements by investing in our secure AWS cloud services.

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Expand Your Business Growth

Identify potential opportunities and areas that require additional discovery to drive your strategic planning and ensure quick wins.

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Minimize Risk

Reduce downtime and ensure a quicker recovery plan by distributing workloads and data across multiple robust cloud platforms.

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Continuously Innovate

Streamline continuous improvement by leveraging advanced technologies, including automation, microservices, and containers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to determine which architecture pattern suits your project best? icon

A choice of cloud architecture should start with a detailed assessment of the application. Questions that need to be considered include but aren't limited to:

  • Is your application or software stateless?
  • What kind of local development that your team would like to have?
  • Are your DB migrations backward compatible?
  • In what kind of architecture benefits (scalability, cost-efficiency, reliability) is your business most ready to invest?

How to ensure cloud architecture security while keeping it friendly and usable? icon

Below are the top ways that enterprises must consider while designing ts cloud environments to keep their data secure in the cloud:

  • Set Up Backup And Recovery Options.
  • Encrypt Your Data.
  • Set User Permissions.
  • Set Up Proper Passwords.
  • Secure End User Devices.
  • Avoid Uploading Confidential Data.
  • Run Tests.

Is it possible to ensure security in the cloud environment? icon

As technology advancements are on the rise, so are security concerns. As a result, cloud providers need to put multiple security parameters in place to minimize the risks of cyberattacks, ensuring data is secure and can be restored.

How do I develop a cloud strategy? icon

Developing a cloud strategy begins with drafting your technical and business objectives. Once you determine your needs, you can easily define your cloud strategy based on public, private, or hybrid cloud solutions.

What do I need to do to prepare for the cloud? icon

Several factors you must consider before shifting to the cloud. In most cases, preparing to shift to the cloud is easy and requires a dedicated and certified Cloud Service Provider to handle the transition. Yet, one of the biggest factors to consider is your network bandwidth.

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