Test Automation Services - The Smartest Way To Test Apps

Accelerate the velocity of your software development cycle while bringing more accuracy through our custom
and comprehensive range of QA Automation Testing Services.


Performance Test

Execute automation performance testing to ensure your software's stability and seamless performance under varying loads.


Web Test

Web test automation services help you evaluate a website's performance on multiple platforms and browsers.


API Test

With API test automation, you can seamlessly assess the reliability, functionality, and security of an application programming interface.


Compatibility Test

Our automation compatibility testing ensures the seamless performance of your software’s UI and function in diverse target environments.


Regression Test

Our rigorous Automated regression testing services ensure that the software continues to perform the same way as it performed before making any changes.


Mobile Test

Leverage mobile test automation services for Android and iOS to deliver best-in-class customer experience and accelerate the time-to-market.

Test Automation Tools We Employ

Using the best-in-class automated testing tools and technologies with automation frameworks, we expand the capacity of Your QA coverage.
These solutions continuously test the software being developed and report on the results.


Our Automation Testing Approach

Signity has a team of top-of-the-line automation engineers who can rapidly and effectively build your QA automation test environment using a rigorous automated testing approach.

Requirements Analysis

We ensure the requirements are clear, concise, consistent, and traceable to prevent bugs or glitches and ensure seamless execution of test design activities.
Test-Planning- Designing-1

Test Planning & Designing

Our QA engineers develop a testing strategy, budget, schedule, resources, and reporting procedures to enable the dedicated QA team to begin seamlessly with designing checklists and test cases.

Test Execution

While executing API and UI testing, our QA engineers provide information on each bug or glitch to a defect tracking system that makes it easier to detect and fix bugs at the earliest.


We deliver a complete comprehensive test report after each development iteration. Regular reports allow you to control the software quality and release time schedule.

Release Stage & Post-Production Support

After the product is released, we evaluate if the real users face any challenges at the production level to ensure customer satisfaction.
Release Stage & Post-Production Support
Process Optimization

Process Optimization

QA is a continuous process that allows optimization to ensure a better quality product is released. Advanced test tools and testing scripts to help automate implementation and reporting.

Are you ready to take your automation testing to the next level?

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Why Choose Signity for Test Automation Services?

QA automation solutions built by Signity’s test automation engineers can help you reduce test cycle time &
testing costs to accelerate digital success.

Reduced Regression Cost

Reduces the time and costs to run tests and analyze the outputs by up to 90%, making the testing process efficient.

Better Testing Quality

Optimize testing consistency and quality by removing the possibility of any manual errors and increasing the test coverage simultaneously.

Proven Framework for Faster Time-to-Value

Reliable frameworks deployed in enterprise environments. If required, develop new frameworks utilizing the tools to enhance SDLC.

Better Resource Utilization

Alleviate QA team frustration due to the repeatable nature of testing. Utilize them to focus more on a release-specific testing component.

Technology Expertise

Investments in unique platforms, solutions, and frameworks to accelerate delivery while reducing your costs and risks.

High ROI

We use all the comprehensive and, many test automation tools that ensure the highest degree of success and optimum congruence for business implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind? We are here to answer. If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line at our contact page.

How do I Hire an Automation Testing Company? icon

You can consult certified automation testers by searching for them online. These companies' ratings, reviews, and customer feedback will help you hire only the best software testing automation engineers with rich experience.

What is an example of an automation tool? icon

A few examples are mentioned below:

  • Selenium
  • Testim
  • TestComplete
  • TestRigor
  • Avo Assure
  • Kobiton

What is automated testing in QA? icon

QA automation (or automated testing) is essentially the process of automating the testing of software applications and mobile apps. Primarily, QA automation tools perform repetitive (or manual) testing tasks that were previously performed by a human tester.

How can Signity help me with test automation services? icon

We have dedicated and tool-agonistic automated testing engineers possessing in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in implementing a test automation strategy using advanced tools.

What are the benefits of testing automation? icon

Benefits one can leverage from test automation services are increased productivity, more efficient use of resources, better product quality, improved safety, reduced factory lead times, and shorter workweeks for labor. Here are some detailed benefits of automated testing:
  • Moving to automated testing from manual testing has helped adopt agile methodology quickly across software development industries.
  • Automated testing benefits all sizes of projects that experience frequent changes by speeding up the testing process and ensuring deliveries within the specified timeline.
  • Manual testing in agile demands extensive human intervention, and the overall testing effort becomes monotonous.
  • Automated testing helps reduce or eliminate this problem by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Automated testing expands the depth and scope of tests that enhance the software quality and increases the application modules' test coverage.
  • Automated testing helps the DevOps team deliver the software to the market at the earliest.

Is it Challenging to execute automated testing? icon

It ultimately depends on the automation project and how resilient is your testing automation strategy. You can schedule a call with one of our consultants to understand your project complexity.

What skills are required for automation testing? icon

10 Must-Have Skills In An Automation Tester's Resume
  • Proficiency in programming languages.
  • Mastery of leading automation testing tools (codeless ones, too)
  • Experience in manual testing.
  • Familiarity with Agile & DevOps methodologies.
  • Excellent reporting, time management, analytical & communication capabilities.
  • Expertise in the creation of test scripts.
  • Possess good knowledge of Automated testing tools.
  • Clear understanding of business requirements.
  • Well-versed with agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery.
  • Good testing skills.

How do I get started with automation testing services? icon

You can successfully execute the test automation process by collaborating with our experienced QA automation engineers. We have extensive experience building fully customized testing automation solutions for customers across various industries.

We understand our client's specific needs and provide them with custom and comprehensive automation solutions to suit their project requirements.

  • Test Faster with Optimum Accuracy
  • Augment Efficiency with Strategic Automation
  • Cut Down Expenses and Simplify Testing
  • Get the Best-in-Class Quality Assurance Solutions.

Do you have an NDA sign policy in place? icon

Yes, we sign an NDA before initiating a project to ensure that everything is kept confidential as per the client's requirements. You can get in touch with our consultants to learn more about our NDA policy.

How can my team keep track of my project? icon

Signity will share reports regularly that describe your entire project status. We aim to remain consistent and transparent with our clients about their project status and timeline beforehand

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