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Manage Customer Relations with Zoho

A smarter way to close leads

Want to streamline your sales, marketing, customer support, and everything in between? Use Zoho CRM to get a complete collection of online applications and utilities to make your business effective and improve your customer satisfaction. Add a CRM system that will reach out to the right prospects, at the right moment, to engage them across every channel. Integrate a fully functional, cost-effective, and scalable phone system to unify a real-time system to deliver better customer service. At Signity Solutions, our primary goal is to serve our customers using customer relationship management tool. We can help you in building a stronger relationship with your customers. Our certified consultants will understand your requirements in detail and suggest you the best application which will help you ease your process and get the best results.


Zoho CRM Services

Drive quality leads to closure

From providing comprehensive information to offering solutions to simplify your business processes, we can help you break your own sales records. Our Zoho consultants will help with-

  • Zoho CRM : Managing your online applications. Reach out to your prospects at the right time and engage with them across every channel.
  • Zoho Creator : Automate everything. Do everything with multi-platform app builder, and create your own app or get started with a ready-made one.
  • Zoho Reports : Draft business intelligence reports. Create a slew of reports like planned reports, hours utilized, burn down charts, project status, and actual reports. Get your entire team connected and put the insights into actions.
  • Zoho Recruit : Automat the hiring process. Get powerful recruiting software and tracking system that streamlines the hiring process.
  • Zoho Invoice : Managing transactions. Craft sorted invoices and send payments reminders automatically.

Tracking Opportunities

Zoho is one of the most cost-effective tools for small and mid-size businesses. We can help you track the opportunities by implementing the best CRM programs. The web-based CRM tool offers the key functionalities of leading customer management applications and helps in increasing the sales productivity by providing better service to customers.


Streamlining Sales

From sales and marketing automation to inventory management and customer support, Zoho CRM integration helps to streamline all functions in a single system. It is like a unified and multichannel tool on the web or on your mobile that takes care of the entire lifecycle of a lead, from starting to conversion. We can help you use the tool effectively.


Customer Relations

Zoho allows you to manage and maintain post-sales customer relations by streamlining everything that matters. It empowers you to streamline the customer support processes and achieve the seamless integration between pre-sales and post-sales activities in a single application.Thus, giving a jumpstart to your business.

How Zoho CRM Solutions Work For You?

Automate tasks, improve workflow and focus on creating and capturing opportunities.


Sell Smarter

With Zoho CRM, get a filtered list of tasks and prospects that matter the most to your business. So, the key to sell quicker is to Prioritize.



Zoho CRM helps in automating your daily tasks. This helps in focusing more on selling rather than maintaining.


Tracking Sales Activities

Align all your sales efforts with business strategies and objectives to get in depth visibility of your sales cycle.



Zoho helps in Communicating and engaging with your customers via Chat, Social Media Platforms, Phone, and Email. It helps you to be where your customers are.


Integrating CRM

You can easily integrate your CRM account with other applications to develop a fully scalable and customized business solution.


Google Apps

Seamlessly integrate Zoho CRM with Google Apps, making it easy to collaborate, convey, and share.

Our Expertise

We specialize in Zoho implementations and jump start your business by mapping your business requirements.

We recognize our client’s business needs and then provide them solutions around the Zoho Products.
We implement, customize and train your people to make the best use of CRM.
As each business is different, we will help you customize your CRM to fit your needs. Our Zoho developers will deploy Zoho functional apps across all the major mobile operating systems, using an inherent low-code platform.
Integration Building complex:
Integration between platforms like Salesforce, Zoho, Jive and your existing cloud, on-premise, social/mobile apps, and 3rd party applications.
Data Migration Services:
Our Zoho experts will make sure that your data is migrated correctly which will further help in reducing the manual work.
Data & Analytics:
Our Zoho products will help you create insightful reports and analyze massive data in an extremely robust ecosystem.
Admin Services:
Zoho admin services will give you one centralized location to quickly set up and manage Zoho products across your organization.

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