Marketing Automation Key Module

Group 111

Dynamic Content & User Experience (UX)

Group 112

Email Marketing Automation

Group 114 (1)

Search Marketing

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Landing Page & Form Creation

Group 119

Lead Nurturing

Group 118



Campaign Creation

network marketing

Multi-channel Marketing


Auto Assigning of Leads

Group 123

Customer segmentation

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Marketing Analysis

Group 122

Social Listening

Our Marketing Automation Services

Signity Solutions is a leading marketing automation solution service provider, empowering businesses to exploit their marketing capabilities to the fullest to grow their business manifold. With a team of 20+ automation experts teamed with some of the best automation platforms, we assist enterprises in automating their marketing operations to gain higher accuracy, generate more leads and increase business ROIs.

Marketing Automation Consulting

Our marketing automation experts evaluate your marketing processes, frameworks, and workflows to understand your business requirements better, helping you choose the right marketing automation platform.

Marketing Automation Software Audit

We conduct a detailed audit of your current automation software to ensure you are making the most of it by implementing the best marketing automation strategies

Managed Marketing Operations

We are experts in integrating and managing leading marketing automation platforms. We ensure your automation solution has optimized critical marketing processes and is always up and running, tracking every lead from entering your funnel to the final sales and beyond.

Campaign Management

We help you build multi-level automation workflows, integrating all marketing channels. From the time of lead generation to final sales, we create an optimized customer journey with our market-winning strategies.

Marketing Automation Software Migration

Our experts build detailed adoption strategies, which include seamless migration from legacy tools to the automation platform and quick setup to ensure maximum ROIs.

UX Design and Integration

Get highly engaging and interactive UX design development and integration with our marketing automation services.

Drip Email Marketing

We build drip email campaigns through automation workflows to enhance the lead nurturing process through well-planned and comprehensive remarketing.

Custom Development & Integration

Personalize marketing automation solutions to your business need with our custom development and integration services. We ensure quick CRM integration for seamless data flow between applications to provide a holistic view of your marketing operations.

Advanced Analytics for Decision Making

We deploy advanced analytics that delivers comprehensive reports and establishes a single source of truth.Get actionable insights to build effective demand generation strategies and lead lifecycle management.

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Step up your conversion game with our marketing automation services!

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Marketing Automation Tools To Fast-forward Your Sales Transformation

We have partnered with leading marketing automation platforms to provide top-of-the-line automation services. Deliver experience customized to each customer’s liking by creating personalized marketing messages. Replace repetitive tasks with automation and improve marketing operations' accuracy, speed, and performance.

Salesforce - Marketing Automation Tool

How Can Marketing Automation Revolutionize Your Business?

Marketing Automation tools are transforming every marketing function by replacing repetitive manual operation with smart automation. From advertising, lead generation, lead management, conversion, and beyond, these automation solutions are helping businesses across industries improve customer lifecycle management to grow at an accelerated pace.

Improved Customer Targeting

65% of B2B Marketers use behavioral and demographic scoring to identify hot leads for their sales team.

Create better customer segmentation based on their interaction with your brand. You can study customer behavior to understand their needs and build effective marketing strategies that encourage conversions.

Improved Customer Targeting
Building Long-Term Relationships With Customers

Building Long-Term Relationships With Customers

43% of businesses using marketing automation say it has improved customer experience.

Build a multi-channel marketing automation strategy that enables you to deliver personalized customer engagement using marketing tools like SMS, Inmail Ads, Push Notifications, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Better Lead Nurturing

Businesses using automated remarketing campaigns have seen a 250% improvement in response rate.

Build engaging and conversion-driven remarketing campaigns through marketing automation. When automated lead nurturing emails alone can improve revenue by 10%, imagine what you can achieve with other automation tools.

Better Lead Nurturing
Improved Sale Conversions

Improved Sale Conversions

Businesses using email automation have shown to improve their lead generation by 2X and lead conversion by 58%.

Identify who is your best prospective customers, what are their pain points and when is the right time to connect to get maximum conversions. Recognize your upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Optimized Marketing Effort

75% of brands using Marketing Automation Tools confirmed they have received their ROI within a year of implementation.

Get detailed analysis and reports on your ongoing marketing campaigns to understand what works. Why is it working? & how you can amplify its effect to gain maximum marketing ROI.

Optimized Marketing Efforts with our marketing automation solutions

Looking for the right marketing automation software?

Your search stops here! Talk to our experts to learn what’s best for your business.

Bring Your Customer Engagement Ideas To Life

  • New Customer
  • Membership Renewal
  • Customer Re-engagement
  • Cross-selling Services
  • Nurturing Leads
New Customer
Membership Renewal
Customer Re-engagement
Cross-selling Services
Group 416

Bring Your Customer Engagement Ideas To Life

New Customer icon

New Customer

Membership Renewal icon

Membership Renewal

Customer Re-engagement icon

Customer Re-engagement

Cross-selling Services icon

Cross-selling Services

Nurturing Leads icon

Group 416

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind? We are here to answer. If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line at our contact page.

What is a marketing automation solution? icon

Marketing Automation Solutions are software that brings automation to marketing and sales operations by integrating multiple digital marketing platforms & streamlining processes. It provides you with insights on audience segmentation and consumer behavior to build result-driven marketing campaigns. It also helps in campaign management, optimization, and performance analysis.

What is an example of marketing automation? icon

Welcome emails, push notifications, membership renewal reminders, and intent-based remarketing are some of the examples of marketing automation that one experience in day-to-day life.

What are automated marketing tools? icon

Marketing automation tools are automation software solutions that automate repetitive tasks in marketing and sales to enhance lead generation and customer engagement. Hubspot is one such example of an automated marketing tool.

What are marketing automation services? icon

Marketing Automation Services refer to all the marketing and sales operations that are automated across multiple channels through marketing automation software. Below are some of the examples

  • Lead Management- Lead auto assigning, nurturing & conversion
  • Automated Email Drip Campaign
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Creation and Optimisation
  • Automated Social Media Posting
  • CRM Integration
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Social Listening

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