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Signity Solutions is now
Certified UiPath Silver Partner

Signity Solution has joined hands with UiPath, the pioneers in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to bring intelligent automation to your business operations. Tapping into the extensive UiPath RPA solutions, services, and tools, we at Signity are building a digital workforce of smart bots that will revolutionize the world of business automation, bringing accuracy, speed, and consistency to processes.

Our UiPath Certified Experts can help with end-to-end RPA solutions

UiPath RPA
Process Discovery

Our UiPath certified experts conduct an in-depth study of your ongoing processes to help identify the functions that can gain maxim benefits from UiPath

UiPath RPA Process Discovery

UiPath RPA

Connect with our UiPath consultant to get assistance in mapping your process, proof-of-concept, and roadmap for automation implementation.

UiPath RPA Consultation

UiPath-enabled RPA
Design and Testing

Get certified developers to design smart solutions that automate tedious and voluminous processes. Our RPA experts build efficient solutions and run required tests to ensure the best outcome.

RPA implementation services - Signity Solutions

UiPath RPA Development and Deployment Services

Our experts build and deploy customized software robots using UiPath tools to meet your business process requirements.

Automation Support - Signity Solutions

Scaling of UiPath RPA solution

We build a detailed roadmap for your process automation and help you scale RPA implementation so you can enjoy the true benefits of digital and human workforce collaboration.

Automation Support - Signity Solutions

Maintenance and Support
of UiPath RPA

We provide 24/7 maintenance support for your RPA deployment, ensuring you face zero downtime and that your digital workforce is always up to date.

Automation Support - Signity Solutions
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How We Deliver Efficient and Scalable RPA Solution Using UiPath

Process Selection Process Selection

Process Selection

  • Selecting process
  • Proof of Concep
  • Feasibility of Deployment
Assessment Assessment


  • KPI Mapping
  • Standardizing process
  • Cost Benefit analysis
  • TAT analysis
Solution Design Solution Design

Solution Design

  • Choosing the right UiPath Tools
  • Building MVP
  • Testing digital bots
  • Optimizing RPA solution
Implementation Implementation


  • Coding to integrate RPA
  • Implementing Solution
  • Scaling UiPath RPA solution to other processes
  • Training team and change management
Maintenance Maintenance


  • Calculating ROI
  • Upgrading bots to meet the new requirements
  • 24/7 maintenance support

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UiPath Automation Tools

With UiPath, you get these three amazing tools to meet any process automation requirement of your business. Whether it's a single operation or enterprise-level automation, you can fast-track your digital transformation to the next level with UiPath’s comprehensive tools and smart software robots

RPA bots

UiPath Studio

A no-code UiPath tool that allows quick and easy designing of solutions with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

UiPath Robot

UiPath Robot

Smart software robots that are OS agnostic and flexible to operate on your legacy systems, delivering automation with accuracy.

20+ Certified RPA professionals

UiPath Orchestrator

With a team of attended and unattended bots at your disposal, you get the power to scale up and down your automation to meet your enterprise requirement with UiPath Orchestrator.

Learn how UiPath Digital Robots can revolutionize your digital transformation.

UiPath Robotic Process Automation Solutions

Helping Businesses Achieve 2x ROIs

  • Improved Productivity

  • Reduced Operational Cost

  • Accelerated Speed

  • Higher Accuracy

  • Enhanced Compliances

  • Happy Employees

  • Improved Productivity

    Your digital workforce, aka software robots, take over the repetitive and voluminous tasks from employees, empowering them to focus on those business functions that require analytical skills.

  • Reduced Operational Cost

    UiPath robots work 24/7/365, delivering consistent results. From 5 to 500 employees, these bots can easily be trained to scale operations to meet your growing business demand, saving up to 60% of operation costs.

  • Accelerated Speed

    UiPath smart bots operate on pre-established, standardized workflows and have been known to reduce the turnaround time of a process by as low as 90%

  • Higher Accuracy

    UiPath smart robots operate on a pre-defined, rule-based algorithm, consistently performing every task. These bots can bring up to 90% accuracy by eliminating human errors in operations.

  • Enhanced Compliances

    As per a study by Deloitte, RPA bots can improve process compliance by 92% and deliver exceptional results.

  • Happy Employees

    UiPath robotic process solution takes over the mundane and tedious tasks in a process, enabling employees to focus on analytical and decision-making operations, overall improving employee satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

UiPath is an automation solution company providing effective tools and services to build successful and scalable Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

We can help you hire UiPath-certified RPA developers on a part-time and full-time basis. You can also choose from hourly, monthly and fixed-cost engagement models for hiring developers.

UiPath is a pioneer of RPA solutions with the experience of almost two decades of building software robots that have simplified and streamlined business operations. Whether you seek simple automation built on drag-and-drop functionality, ready-made bots, or cloud-enabled RPA that you can scale on demand, UiPath has a solution for you.