Open-source RPA development
A cost-effective process automation solution

Leverage the power of RPA without burning a hole in your pocket with our Open-Source RPA development services. Open source tools are free software tools available in the market to build RPA bots. Start your RPA journey without making a major investment in software

Signity solution has expertise in developing bots using open-source tools and has delivered over hundred RPA bots using these platforms. We have built end-to-end solutions for various clients, where we have created bots, deployed on client-server, and managed the deployed solution.

Using the technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, etc. services, we set up servers locally and provide RPA solutions custom-built to your business needs.

Why Choose Open-source RPA As Your Automation Tool?

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Low-cost Entry

Using Open-source RPA tools eliminates the high licensing cost one must bear while using commercial platforms.


Tailor-made Solution

Open-source RPA provides you the flexibility to build customized RPA bots capable of performing a magnitude of tasks.


Full ownership

Unlike commercial platforms, the solution code and setup ownership is with you.



The deployment is on your server and systems, thus giving no access to your operations to a third-party platform. You get complete visibility of ongoing RPA operations.


Easily Scalable

The solution can be easily scaled to meet your evolving needs.


Quick Trouble Shooting

Unlike commercial platforms, troubleshooting any issues is quick and hassle-free.

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Our Open-source RPA Development Process

Our Open-source RPA Development Process - Signity Solutions


We help you build infrastructure for RPA solution deployment, which includes setting up Servers and developing RPA bots using open-source tools.



Our RPA experts deploy and test software robots on your processes to optimize their performance to meet your business objectives. Once refined, they help you ramp up RPA implementation.



We provide dedicated RPA developers to monitor bots’ performance constantly. They assist in quick troubleshooting and keep your solution up-to-date with new technologies and features to match evolving business requirements.

Signity’s Open-source RPA Development Services


Opportunity Discovery

Through a comprehensive evaluation of your business operations, we help you find the right processes for automation to garner maximum profits.


RPA Consultation

Our RPA experts find you the right technology for process automation and help you create a detailed roadmap for your RPA journey.


Solution Development & Testing (MVP)

Our highly skilled RPA developers create customized automation solutions. We carry out extensive testing to ensure your bots generate maximum output.


RPA Deployment & Scaling

Our team ensures seamless deployment and quick scaling of RPA solutions with minimum downtime.


Infrastructure Setup

We help you build a complete infrastructure setup to support open-source RPA solutions and provide constant assessment, upgrades, and updates of software robots to ensure smooth operations.


RPA Management and Maintenance

Our dedicated RPA developers offer high availability, 24/7 monitoring, and increased uptime to ensure seamless process flow.

Discover the true potential of RPA for your business
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is open-source RPA? icon

Open RPA is a free, open-source tool for developing RPA solutions. A combination of multiple other platforms, like Node-Red, Rabbit MQ, MongoDB, and Open IAP, empowers developers to build tailor-made RPA solutions to meet different business requirements.

Is open RPA free? icon

Open RPA is called a free tool as it does not have any licensing cost attached to it. However, one has to bare the cost of development, server setup, and other implementation costs, while using open RPA.

What are the benefits of using open-source RPA tools? icon

The key benefits of using open-source RPA tools are

  • Low cost of entry
  • Flexibility to customize software bots
  • Complete ownership of RPA solution.

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