Accelerate Web Development with AWS

Accelerate Web Development with AWS-1

We offer full-scale AWS consulting services for web and mobile software development. Our certified AWS consultants develop scalable solutions by analyzing enterprises' requirements and formulating effective strategies. In addition, our team ensures seamless development and deployment with increased security and accessibility across devices with AWS cloud services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)- Our Offerings

Being an AWS development and business partner, we employ all its benefits to its best capability to empower digital businesses
with secure, dynamic, and innovation-led cloud computing solutions.

AWS Consulting

Our dedicated AWS professionals offer a comprehensive analysis of ongoing business to identify any technical-related gaps and also understand the risk of migrating existing digital processes through Amazon Web Services consulting.

Implementation and Migration

Our AWS solution experts deliver fluid transitions that improve user experience and braces business objectives for reliable and secure solutions.

AWS App Development

Our AWS solution team has expertise in designing and scaling flexible architecture to create robust, agile, safe applications from the ground or bring legacy applications to the cloud.

Cloud Application Development

Leverage optimized platform solutions developed by our experience-led cloud app developers for complex businesses to reap the benefits of switching on-premise businesses to the cloud.

Monitoring, Management and Support

Leverage the AWS platform to deliver an exceptional digital experience while optimizing time, resources, and budget efficiencies with our full-fledged AWS consulting services.

Cloud Security & Risk Management

We expertise in AWS security tools and are well-versed in creating custom cloud security plans. Also, we provide custom AWS security enterprise integration solutions, security audits, risk and identity management, and AWS technical security architecture consulting.


With us, delve into your cloud migration process and leverage the power of Amazon Cloud Development with bespoke DevOps skills for continuous delivery and feedback integration.

Aws-DevOps 1-1

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Our Expertise in AWS Tools and Technologies

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Amazon web services_EC2

Amazon DynamaDB

Amazon DynamaDB

Amazon Lambda

Amazon Lambda

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon Simple Storage Service

Amazon Simple StorageService

Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53

Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS

Amazon API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway



Amazon Virtual  Private Cloud

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Amazon Virtual  Private Cloud

AWS Cloudformation

Cloud Front

Cloud Front

Scalable and High Performance Application Development Services


AWS Application Development & Monitoring

We use AWS to integrate everything from apps to eCommerce stores while providing in-depth insight and web traffic metrics to help businesses optimize resources cost.

Group 556

CPU Utilization

Our DevOps experts ensure that your CPU utilization is at its best by helping you sustain a high CPU performance if your workload allows it.

Group 557

Server Utilization

We monitor your server utilization to ensure they are at appropriate levels consistent with your business requirements.


Memory Utilization

We design memory-optimized instances to help businesses deliver faster performance for workloads that process voluminous data sets.


Traffic Status

We’ll analyze your instances, web traffic metrics, network traffic, and disk activity to optimize efficiency and accommodate web traffic.

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AWS DevOps Engineering Services

Signity employs best DevOps practices, including process automation, streamlining the CI/CD pipeline, and infrastructure management for reliable application development on AWS.

Continuous Integration (CI)

Our DevOps professional collects all configuration changes into a central repository and runs QA tests to identify and resolve bugs quickly. 

Continuous Integration (CI) with AWS DevOps
Continuous Delivery (CD) - preparing a deployment-ready AWS app

Continuous Delivery (CD)

We imply all code changes in a trusted QA testing environment, automatically developing, testing, and preparing a deployment-ready AWS app for production release.


Our team precisely manages the AWS infrastructure with app development and coding techniques consisting of version control and continuous integration.

AWS Infrastructure-as-a-Code
Monitoring & Logging in AWS

Monitoring & Logging

Our AWS DevOps engineers use container insights to track, troubleshoot and log metrics while collecting data and utilizing tools and platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind? We are here to answer. If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line at our contact page.

What do your AWS consulting and development services include? icon

Our AWS development services include everything from initial strategy to ongoing support. The knowledgeable project teams meet with businesses to evaluate requirements and goals for projects. They also work to bring those visions to life while ensuring risk management and security of your data. Once a solution is deployed, the teams can continue to provide monitoring, management and support.

What are the benefits of AWS development services? icon

When you work with an AWS development service, you benefit from expert knowledge and skill sets — without having to hire permanent staff or invest in in-house training.

How much does AWS development cost? icon

Cost for any development project varies based on the size and complexity of the project, how fast you need it and whether there are integrations and other external factors. While AWS development proves to be cheaper compared to other options because of the robust platform already built, your project's total cost depends on your requirements. Reach out to Signity Solutions with information about your project to get an estimate on services.

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