The onset of the global lockdown led to a slowdown in economies and mass firing across industries. The constant worry about the safety of self and loved ones adversely affected mental health for many. 

But, the lowest point for humanity was the increase in domestic violence cases across the globe. India alone saw an increase of 2X in domestic violence cases.

Between April and May, NCW received a total of 3027 complaints across 22 categories of crimes against women, of which 1428 (47.2%) were cases of domestic violence and intimate partner violence.

Our client NASSCOM Foundation realized that women's safety was the need of the hour, and they wanted to build a women empowerment app to assist and support the victims and their families during this crisis.

The client wished to build an application that enables the victims and their families to reach out to authorities, Support Groups, and legal bodies to seek counsel. They aimed to create a safe and inclusive place for the survivor of gender-based violence. A digital space that empowers the victims and their families with information and resources to make informed choices & assist them in their recovery.

The client wanted to build a technology-enabled empowering app for women that was easy to access from the country's remotest areas. It was a haven where they could seek help and support without prejudice. A solution that empowered them with choices to take action in a crisis with a simple click of buttons. 

Thus the solution needed multiple attributes to enable legal, medical, emotional, and other support required by the victims and their families. This required the collation and mapping of massive amounts of data to ensure the right help was always available to the users.

Since the application was being designed for women across different segments of society, the simplicity of the interface was of utmost importance.

Project Case Study with our solution

Signity’s experts detailed the project requirement to build a comprehensive solution, a women empowerment app comprising a mobile user app and an admin web panel. My Ambar is an empowering app for women, a one-stop–solution to report and seek help on gender-based violence.

Mobile Application Features

The mobile application is available on PlayStore & Apple Store and can be downloaded free of cost. It offers information in two languages (English & Hindi) to easily extend support to larger audiences.

Group 988

Simple Login

One-time login with mobile number & OTP. Users choose the language, and the app automatically updates the information.


Easy UI&UX

 Easy to understand and use interface that allows users to navigate between different pages easily.


Urgent support

It provides contact details of authorities and organizations they can reach out to for help.

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Risk assessment

This allows users to evaluate the risk they are in to understand their choices for action.


Police Helpline Number

This section populates the list of the nearby police stations as per the live location of the user. For the live location

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Emergency Contacts

Under this tab, users can add up to 5 emergency contacts in the application, which will be contacted in case of emergency.

Mobile Application Features
Admin Panel

Admin Panel

We have built a comprehensive admin panel that allows the client to update and add the information reflected on the application dynamically. The client/super admin can define and manage the backend access.

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The dashboard in the admin panel provides the client birds-eye-view of the ongoing operations. The total number of downloads, cases filed along with actions taken. It also provides an overview of the most vulnerable age groups and cities/towns with reporting maximum cases.

Group 999

Dynamic Content

The client can dynamically add new NGOs, support groups and counseling groups, and other legal bodies that automatically reflect in the user application.



The client can extract extensive reports to understand various behavioral patterns to module their support content better.



The client can also conduct surveys with the enrolled users to understand the gaps in their existing services and how they can improve.

The Technology Used


Web Frontend


Mobile Frontend

Node js






Impacts And
Benefits From Our Solution

In less than a year of its launch, My Ambar has gained tremendous popularity in India. Built on the principle of creating a go-to solution for victims suffering from gender-based violence, My Ambar today is helping thousands of women across multiple cities and towns.

Over 17K members have joined the application, and over 450+ NGOs, Support Groups, and Legal Advisors have joined NASSCOM Foundation on this cause.

Impacts And Benefits From Our Solution

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