How DevOps Make A Difference


How DevOps Make A Difference

Disruptive technologies and the ever-changing business landscape drive enterprises to rapidly transition from legacy infrastructure. As a result, organizations are looking for a viable, agile, tangible, and scalable solution to thrive in the bottleneck competition. 

DevOps is the new engineering approach combining cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to deliver applications or upgrade solutions & services faster.

Our DevOps Consulting Services

Whether you build new applications or upgrade the legacy system, we provide end-to-end DevOps services to
ensure fast delivery, quick scaling, increased reliability, and enhanced security.

DevOps Implementation Consulting

We offer DevOps consulting services to help companies integrate the best DevOps practices both from ground-up and by adapting them to existing projects and managing them.

DevSecOps Consulting

Our DevOps services and solutions help organizations create the best software and include security at all stages, effectively connecting people, processes, and technologies.

Project Recovery Consulting

We have experienced DevOps consultants who help bring underdeveloped projects to completion precision. We quickly resolve issues and provide solutions that allow you to deploy projects in the right direction.

Constant Delivery

Being the top DevOps consulting company, we offer top-notch continuous delivery capabilities with automation to maximize service efficiency.

Infrastructure As a Code

Our skilled operations team provides the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions, implementing automation with programmable infrastructure.

Configuration Management

Our professionals offer consistent deployment services for Configuration Management. It eliminates any system configuration mismatch and optimizes costs.

Monitoring & Logging

We leverage the latest DevOps tools and technologies and follow the best practices for seamless monitoring and logging processes.

Start With DevOps Services

Start With DevOps Services

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Our DevOps Expertise

From discovery, planning, developing, testing, and optimizing to management, we use the right arsenal of well-proven tools
and technologies to handle the vital phases of the DevOps lifecycle.

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Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Our DevOps Managed Services

Signity employs best DevOps practices, including process automation, streamlining the CI/CD pipeline, and infrastructure management for reliable application development on AWS.

Containerization and Orchestration

We offer next-gen containerization and orchestration services to help enterprises safely run their apps in the cloud-native environment. In addition, our team of certified DevOps engineers helps you build end-to-end cloud solutions built around containers.

Often, the containerization and orchestration tools used to manage containers holds:

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • AWS
Containerization and Orchestration
Release Management

Release Management

We help organizations to manage releases into DevOps pipelines for advanced build, test, and deployments. Our certified professionals, having a comprehensive understanding of the CI/CD pipeline, help you integrate the best release management methodologies ensuring your business is agile and efficient.

Our release management holds:

  • Analyzing version policies
  • Modularization of deliverables
  • Version management

IT Infrastructure Management

We offer exclusive DevOps infrastructure management services to help businesses deliver their software products efficiently and quickly. Our professionals assist you in managing and automating all your IT infrastructure requirements, assuring seamless delivery of IT services.

Our infrastructure management services hold:

  • Scaling up of servers
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Virtualization of hardware
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Our microservices help enterprises successfully monitor and manage their real-world microservice-based apps. In addition, our data experts help you integrate the right microservices architecture with a DevOps lens to accomplish agility and scalability.

The crucial elements of microservices are:

  • Advanced automation
  • Autonomous deployment
  • Constant monitoring

Security Management

We at Signity offer comprehensive managed DevOps security services to help clients outstrip their business into a more comprehensive security blanket. Our DevOps architects will assist you in performing data security checks on everything from build automation, environment management, deployment, etc.

Our managed services hold:

  • Intrusion assessment and prevention
  • Threat modeling and management
  • Managed cloud and data security
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Our Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind? We are here to answer. If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line at our contact page.

What is DevOps consulting? icon

DevOps consulting is a field of information services that helps enterprises and organizations efficiently optimize product development and delivery pipelines. Also, DevOps consulting companies provide best practices in enterprise cloud architectures and DevOps strategies to enable IT companies to successfully market their innovative solutions.

Are DevOps consulting services worth it? icon

Regardless of how long your company has been providing its DevOps services, you will always deal with various, sometimes highly ambitious, projects. In such cases, you may lack the necessary experience, and it won't be easy to guarantee the best result to the customer. However, as a rule, DevOps consulting companies cooperate with many clients. Therefore, they already have a relatively large knowledge bank on solving the most non-standard issues and more global strategic thinking. Employing the experience of consulting companies, you can guarantee the construction of a high-quality CI/CD pipeline based on the world’s best practices and tools. Furthermore, by applying the best DevOps strategy consulting solutions, your business will always be very flexible in responding to a rapidly changing market.

Where can DevOps consulting be used? icon

Today’s reality of competition in the DevOps services market requires speedy project delivery. Often, the customer has a limited budget, meaning the project should be completed within time and resources. In this case, with the help of DevOps consulting services, it is possible to provide a more effective relationship between implementing practices and preparing a roadmap. In addition, DevOps consulting companies help resolve any issues between developers and engineers working at different stages of software development.

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