Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ) is a diversified organization with multiple businesses in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey (MENAT region). Automobile services are one of their prominent business in the Middle East.  They own multiple automobile service stations across cities, catering to millions of customers a year.

They wish to build an aggregator platform, an automobile servicing app,  connecting their client and service centers on a single platform, allowing them to easily book online automobile repair services or buy spare parts. 

ALJ already had a web portal allowing customers to locate their service stations and make bookings. But since the majority of the work was managed manually, it led to challenges like double booking, delayed updates, dead time, and slow operations creating dissatisfaction among their customers. 
They wish to streamline the entire process for car service stations & car repair shops across the Middle East to enhance customer experience.

When ALJ approached Signity Solutions, they had already worked with another development partner and created a solution. But the solution delivered by their previous partner had numerous challenges. The platform was built on an outdated technology, which created performance issues. Besides this, the in-built features of the applications could have been more stable, creating a poor user experience.
The client wanted a reliable team of experts to step in and help them improve their automobile servicing app regarding stability, performance, and customer experience.

Project Case Study with Our Solution

With 13+ years of experience delivering world-class, custom-built software solutions, Signity joined hands with ALJ for product enhancement of their car repair & service app. The team deployed on the project conducted a detailed analysis of the client’s requirements and gaps in the available product. 

The Customer App

Realizing the growing popularity of mobile apps and the convenience they offer to the end users, we built a comprehensive mobile application for consumers that allowed them to book services & buy automobile spare parts with ease.
The customer interface is a mobile app that allows end users to avail of in-built features like


Geo-Location Targeting

Geolocation API to mark the app's availability in various geographic regions. Google Maps API to show Service providers on Google Maps in the mobile app.

Group 1064

Payment Options

We have integrated the Payfort payment gateway to provide end consumers the ease of payment.


Vehicle Mapping

Every Service request is mapped with the vehicle registration number to ensure accuracy.

Group 1065

Multilingual App

It is a dual language app to cater to clients speaking English and Arabic


Rewards and Loyalty

Program functionality for mobile app users. The platform admin manages reward points terms and their conversion ratio


Calender Integration

Service providers can set/update their availability on a custom-built availability calendar; the availability will reflect in the mobile app during appointment booking.

Admin Panel-2

Admin Panel

We built a single dashboard for the admin panel that provided the client with real-time visibility on the operations of multiple service stations across the Middle East and UAE. The panel provided the client with comprehensive reports on the performance of each service center and their monthly turnaround, demand & supply gap, and fast-growing regions.

Service Provider Panel

We have created a web-based panel for service providers/ service station owners. The team built the panel with multi-level access to ensure data security at all levels.

Service Provider Panel

The Technology Used

Kotlin and Swift

Mobile App Front-end


Web Front-end

NoSql Database

NoSql Database

Node js



Project management And QA

Impacts and benefits from
our solution

GoAutoPoint, a comprehensive automobile servicing app, provided the client with a birds-eye view of operations across the Middle East and brought more visibility to operations carried out across car service stations & car repair shops.

  • Quick Delivery- Deploying agile development methodology, we quickly built and delivered the complete solution within a year.
  • Complete Automation- The solution enabled the client to automate their end-to-end process, reducing human errors. Since the system automatically updates the calendar on every booking, eliminating challenges like overlapping slots or dead time.
  • Improved accuracy - Every service request is mapped with vehicle number to ensure service accuracy at all times.
  • Reduced Human Efforts- Both online and offline booking can be managed through the single dashboard, reducing manual efforts in creating multiple entries. This has helped the client save many man-hours.
  • Better Understanding of the Market- The extensive analytics and reporting provided by the solution have helped the client in identifying high-demand markets and plan their inventory and service stations
Impacts and benefits from br our solution

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