How Customer Support Chatbots Improve Sales?

September 5, 2019

Artificial intelligence has gradually redefined the way we interact with technology. From automated calls, texts, and emails to visual search, AI has helped companies streamline the process of customer interaction and their user journeys.  In this streamlining process, chatbots play a considerable role. AI-powered chatbots are such a huge success. Because they have made things easier for businesses that were earlier impossible even to think. For example, 24×7 availability, chats, and interactions without any human intervention, solving problems of multiple clients at once, etc. Bots are helpful because 30% of the time users ask the same questions. You can hire chatbot developers to automate the answers by triggering AI when a particular question is asked. Then your business can achieve faster growth and enhance its customer experience drastically.

 Now the question you might have in your mind is, “What is a customer service chatbot, and do I need one?” It is a bot that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to interact with customers via live chat. It is quite common on social media platforms like Facebook, messengers, etc. Some examples of the tasks that AI bot can perform are Book a ride for on-demand ride-sharing platforms, share the pricing, etc.

They basically use existing information from resources like FAQs to answer questions or provide appropriate resolutions for customers. They can perform multiple tasks at once, segregate similar questions and offer instant help using customer-preferred voice and tone. This all combines to create an experience that models what you’d provide customers in a chat with a real person. 

No matter the size of your business, Do you have a globally growing user base? Is your business is spread across multiple channels and platforms or need to provide 24/7 support? You can opt for AI consulting solutions and reduce your customer service costs by scaling your support quality. 

Benefits of Customer Service Chatbots

Benefits of Customer Service Chatbots


If you need a clear picture of chatbots, then we have listed seven points below that are the major benefits of customer service chatbots.

1. Instant resolution


Customers expect instant resolutions to their problems. So instead of hiring separate and multiple customer support executives for a single task give AI a chance. 

Base on the knowledge databases and FAQ you will provide, a chatbot can directly answer questions. If the query is not direct, the chatbots won’t block human access. The executive or agents can take over the conversation just by a single click without hindering any process or prolonging the resolution. 

2. Cost Savings


It is much cheaper and faster to look for chatbot development service for implementing a full functioning chatbot rather than creating a chat app from scratch or hiring multiple employees. There are a lot of chatbots already functional in the market like Facebook Messanger, Zomato, amazon chat assistant, etc. 

Customers can easily access and start an interaction with chatbots within seconds. These chatbots complement human executives and speed up the process that not only saves time but additional costs caused by human errors too. This smooth user experience helps to acquire new customers and retain loyal customers at a much lower cost.

3. Continuous learning


Chatbots use AI to answer questions and simultaneously learn to improve the quality of the support that they can provide in the future. Example, if a customer marks a response given by a chatbot as unhelpful. Then, the bot will keep a check and won’t use that answer again in a different conversation for a similar question. 

All the learning is not done by AI; you can train your bots to provide better service. You can write the likely questions asked by customers with answers and upload them in the database to improve how your bot responds. It will increase the likelihood of a self-service resolution.

4. 24×7 Availability


Chatbots don’t sleep, ever. In case, a team member is on leave or any resource is not available, chatbots can hold the fort just right. For any query, customer care chatbots can provide links and other resources. In case they are not helpful, the bots can share the available hours where an agent will get in touch with the customer directly. 

This way, the customer won’t be waiting for a response from your end, and it will help smoothen the entire user experience with your brand. It will not only decrease the complaints, but new user acquisition and sales will go up the roof too. 

5. Consistent User Experience


For a consistent brand image in front of your customers, chatbots (like ecommerce bots, job bots, etc)  can work like a conjuration. You’ll be in control of the tone, language, and feel of the responses instead of different agents that might perform differently under stressful conditions.

You can avoid all the “we don’t use this” instructions with chatbots. WIth bots in control, there’s a 90% chance of not deliberately destroying the situations by missed emails or texts going to spam. You won’t need to hire a new person to point out the typing errors or format audits.

Your brand image will be what you decide it to be. It can be jazzy, sophisticated, chilled, or formal. AI can make the customer service experience flawless for you, your team, and your customers with consistent learning.

6. Redefine and Personalize your Support Experience 


With AI-powered chatbots on your social media platforms or your site, your business will look tech-savvy, up to date with the latest trends and more reliable. It will also save your time, improve customer relations, and help you provide a more vigorous support experience.

You can personalize and redefine the way you interact with customers. Answers might change, but the feel can be kept similar on all the platforms. You can answer endless queries automatically, and there will be a zero percent chance of sass because hello no human interaction. It will be a smoother journey with less stress and more optimization.

7. Monitor Consumers and Gain Insights


Chatbots can track patterns and consumer behaviors by monitoring user cohorts. Example, If a customer is not satisfied with your service. In the span of one week, you get 10 more customers with the same problem; you can directly mark it as a separate category you need to work on. You can use this info to analyze where things are going wrong. It will help optimize the whole process and provide better service. 

You can consider outsourcing to India and ask the chatbot development company to add certain parameters and triggers that will help you track the user journeys accurately. By gaining these insights and analyzing user behavior, you can predict certain results beforehand. And get ready to tackle the situation more maturely instead of a test and trial method. 

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Chatbots are quickly becoming an integral part of our business. You’ll even find a lot of chatbot development companies in the market. However, in the end, we would like to say that bots help but can’t completely replace customer service agents.

Think and make a list of chatbot features that will be helpful for your business. AI bots are virtual assistants that can help support and scale business. They will be a huge help to your customer service agents for real-time interactions by augmenting interactions and simplifying tasks, removing repetition and streamlining workflows. 

Ashok Sharma

Ashok Sharma

Ashok Sharma is the Digital Strategist with more than a decade of experience in data and technology fields, and he helped businesses gain more traffic and online visibility through technical, strategic SEO and targeted PPC campaigns.
Ashok Sharma

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