12 Ways Generative AI Will Improve the Customer Experience in 2024

Artificial intelligence is playing a significant role in shaping our future by improving customer experiences through data analysis, understanding customer behavior, and predicting trends. This blog will provide all the essential details on how Generative AI will help enhance the customer experience while delivering excellence.

How Generative AI Will Improve the Customer Experience?

AI is no longer just a buzzword but a rapidly evolving technology that is shaping the way we interact, work, and make decisions.

From replacing manual tasks to modifying the way we interact with visitors or helping businesses make data-driven decisions, AI has come a long way. And this is certainly going to shine in 2024.

According to the Global State of AI's recent report, 87% of organizations believe AI and machine learning will increase revenue, enhance customer experiences, and boost operational efficiency.

💡 Key Takeaways:

  • AI-powered tools enable highly personalized customer experiences, customizing content and interactions to individual preferences and behaviors.
  • Generative AI is revolutionizing customer service by enhancing user experience with natural conversations and contextual understanding.
  • AI and predictive analytics are transforming customer service by predicting needs and behaviors, resulting in highly customized experiences.

In today's competitive business environment, providing a delightful customer experience is crucial. It has become a key differentiator, and AI has emerged as an essential tool rather than just a nice-to-have feature.

But how exactly do Generative AI development solutions enhance customer experience? How has this technology transformed the way businesses interact with their customers and provide them with unique experiences? 

Let's dive in to explore everything you need to know about this.

What is AI Customer Experience?

AI customer experience refers to the practice of using AI technologies such as conversational applications, natural language processing, RPA, machine learning, and AI-powered chatbots to improve customer interactions, streamline business operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

Generative AI enables a personalized customer experience by analyzing the user's purchase history, browsing patterns, and behavior. This in-depth analysis allows businesses to filter individual preferences and customize their recommendations based on specific requirements and choices.

What is Artificial Intelligence

As AI becomes more prevailing in customer interactions, businesses will increasingly adopt AI solutions in 2024, changing the way they make first impressions and interact with customers.

But before that, let us check out some real-world examples of those who are already leveraging the power of AI to create an impact on their customers. 

AI Customer Experience Examples

  • Amazon

In the ever-evolving market and digital shopping experience, Amazon is one known brand that has marked excellence in delivering engaging user experience. 

But do you know that even Amazon has adopted AI tools for customer services to revolutionize the e-commerce shopping experience?

Amazon has incorporated an AI-driven product recommendation system to ensure a more personalized experience by analyzing customer behavior, purchase history, items in the wishlist, items viewed, items added to the cart, and even what other people are buying along with the added product. 

Amazon AI services

Amazon AI Services

Well, with these recommendation patterns, Amazon has set a benchmark for other e-commerce platforms to deliver excellence.

  • Starbucks

On the contrary, another famous coffee store "Starbucks" has used AI to deliver a delightful user experience, using a tool known as "Deep Brew." This tool uses predictive analysis and machine learning to customize marketing messages, manage store-level inventory, and drive loyalty to the brand.


Source: Unsplash

For instance, the tool suggests menu items based on weather, customers' past orders, time of the day, and location. 

How amazing this imagination is, that might never be possible through manual procedures. 

But AI made it possible! Both platforms have benefited from this approach, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased ease of use.

Undoubtedly, AI has helped both brands differently, but does that go with other brands as well? Nope!

AI delivers different experiences for varied brands differently. 

Time to get familiar with different ways how AI  can enhance the customer experience. Let’s dive in!

12 Ways AI Can Improve the Customer Experience

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the complete customer operations functions while improving the user experiences and even enhancing the agent's productivity through digital self-service. 

Generative AI in customer service has already caught the attention due to its ability to automate interactions with users using natural language. 

Improving customer experiences with AI-powered Customer Operations.

Research has shown that after incorporating gen AI, a company with 5000 service agents resolved issues 14% faster and reduced the time to handle the issues by 9%.

Here's how Generative AI can improve the customer experience:

  • 24X7 Customer Support with AI Chatbots
  • Predictive Customer Service
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Data-based Informed Decisions
  • Omnichannel Experience
  • AI-powered CRM
  • Quick resolutions during initial contact
  • Increased sales
  • Reduced errors
  • Calls or message routing to specific skills
  • Voice Assistants and Natural Language Processing

This incorporation has enabled less experienced agents to communicate effectively using techniques similar to higher-skilled agents, resulting in improved service quality and productivity.

  • 24X7 Customer Support with AI Chatbots

Chatbots have been a major point of connection for customers and even visitors. AI-powered chatbots provide enhanced user experience by empowering customer self-services, improving customer satisfaction, and diminishing resolution times.

These chatbots can be designed to answer frequently asked queries, process orders, and endow with personalized product recommendations. That is why many order management systems have integrated AI chatbots so that they can handle more making less effort but receiving efficient outcomes.

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AI-based customer support chatbots can handle large volumes of questions without any human intervention while ensuring that the customers' questions are addressed efficiently and quickly.

  • Predictive Customer Service

Since AI has the ability to analyze and understand large volumes of data, it can predict future customer behavior.

For instance, AI might predict, based on the customer's usage patterns, that the customer will likely run into a problem. 

So, in that case, the company can proactively reach out to the customer with some solutions or may provide additional support in order to enhance the customer's overall experience.

  • Personalized Recommendations

AI is a technology that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the past behaviors, preferences, and interests of customers. By recognizing patterns in buying behavior, an AI system can recommend products or services that the customer may be interested in. 

For example, if a user enjoys a specific type of movie, an AI system can recommend similar movies to enhance the streaming experience and encourage longer subscriptions, ultimately leading to increased sales conversions.

  • Advanced Analytics

AI algorithms can handle enormous amounts of data and insights that humans may miss sometimes. This AI feature can facilitate identifying what customers are looking for and highlight the areas where user experience can be improved. 

  • Data-based Informed Decisions

Businesses can leverage the benefits of AI incorporation to gain deeper insights into their data. With AI algorithms, organizations can identify patterns, preferences, and behaviors in real time. 

This enables companies to anticipate needs, personalize interactions, and offer tailored solutions, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty. 

By harnessing AI-driven insights, businesses can optimize their services, products, and marketing strategies to better align with customer expectations, ultimately delivering a superior and more seamless customer experience. This can drive long-term success in today's competitive landscape.

  • Omnichannel Experience

AI can combine data from multiple sources, such as mobile apps, online platforms, in-store interactions, and even social media channels. 

This results in a smooth user experience, as users can effortlessly switch between these channels and continue with their activities without any interruptions.

  • AI-powered CRM

AI automates tasks like lead scoring, follow-up reminders, and new data entries, leading to significant enhancement in CRM systems. This way, AI can also provide intelligent insights like forecasting, which are likely to convert while enabling the teams to focus on their core tasks. 

Connect with our Generative AI experts to take the most benefit of AI in your business.

  • Quick Resolutions During Initial Contact

Gen AI can quickly retrieve the data a company has on a particular customer. This can help a human representative to answer the questions and resolve them during the initial connection only. 

  • Increased Sales

AI technology can process customer data and web browsing history quickly to provide personalized product suggestions based on their preferences. 

Additionally, it can improve the quality of customer experience by analyzing customer behavior and identifying areas for improvement in the conversion process.

Mckinsey estimates that incorporating Generation AI into customer care functions can increase productivity from 30% to 45%.”

  • Reduced Errors

Incorporating AI into customer service provision can help reduce the risks of errors. Whether it's a typo or an important piece of information, AI can help ensure that accurate information is shared. 

When tasks are handled manually, the chances of making mistakes are higher, but AI algorithms can help ensure accuracy. This means that by using AI, businesses can save time, reduce the risk of errors, and provide customers with more accurate information. 

  • Calls or Message Routing to Specific Skills

Have you ever spent a lot of time on a call trying to get a quick solution for an issue you faced? How many times has your call been disconnected without connecting you to the right person who could resolve your problem? 

If you have faced such issues, then you should try using technology to handle such tasks. With the help of technology, calls or messages can be answered instantly, providing quick solutions to the issues addressed by connecting you to the right person with the required skills, thus saving you time.

AI-powered algorithms can accurately route your calls or messages to the right person with the necessary skills.

  • Voice Assistants and Natural Language Processing

Voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa are increasingly popular as they leverage AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to comprehend and respond to spoken commands. 

These voice assistants can answer questions, place orders, control devices, and provide personalized support based on the user's past behavior and preferences.

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AI Customer Experience Tools to Consider in 2024

  • Zendesk

Zendesk offers a range of AI-powered solutions to businesses so they can provide proactive and individualized customer support.

One such tool is Answer Bot, an AI-powered chatbot that pulls relevant articles from the knowledge base based on context and keywords. In addition, the chatbot can collect data, respond to commonly asked queries, and even refer complicated problems to agents.

  • Drift

With AI-powered chatbots that actively engage website visitors based on their behavior and intent, Drift goes beyond traditional live chat.

Using visitor data and website behavior, its proprietary Playbooks technology initiates targeted chatbot conversations at the appropriate time. Imagine your bot introducing itself by name and addressing the visitor's unique needs and pain points in place of generic greetings.

  • Glassbox

Glassbox is a customer experience (CX) analytics platform that helps identify issues with digital user experiences and facilitates improvement. 

It provides you with the whole picture of the user interactions and usage analysis, providing more in-depth insights into all customers, not only focusing on the ones who answer the surveys. 

  • Sprinklr

Sprinklr is a customer experience (CX) tool that enables businesses to provide unified customer support across more than 30 communication channels, including email, phone calls, social media, and chats. 

It boasts strong social media integrations and harnesses the power of AI to provide customer insights, which helps businesses deliver a delightful customer experience.

  • Help Scout

Help Scout is a user-friendly and intuitive platform that enables teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences. It is a unified platform that offers a shared inbox tool, a live chat tool, a proactive messaging tool, and a knowledge base builder. 

It enhances the user experience by providing AI assistance in managing email conversations, messages, knowledge base solutions, summarizers, and other ways of connecting with customers.

  • eDesk

Many customer service tools, such as a shared inbox, a live chat feature, and a knowledge base builder, are part of the eDesk platform. 

The tool has now integrated an AI layer, due to which it can automatically sort conversations, customers may receive responses more quickly, and human agents can spend less time performing manual labor. 

Well, certainly, these tools are beneficial in varied ways, and even the statistics suggest that the usage of tools and platforms can optimize customer experiences. 

usage of tools


Check out the graph above and analyze the results. Well, it’s time for you to boost your business efficiency with Generative AI.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Experience

As the technology continues to evolve, AI is all set to play a more significant role in providing enhanced customer experience. Below are some AI prospects that are all set to leave that ever-lasting customer experience:

  • Emotion AI: Understanding Human Emotions

AI has already marked a stronger move in delivering excellent customer experience through text and voice recognition. But think like you are asking a query, and the AI understands it and the emotions behind it and replies accordingly!

Well, sounds astonishing, but yes, AI certainly holds a promise for "Emotion AI."

With this "Emotion AI," AI in customer support will comprehend the customer's query and respond to human emotions expressed through voice tone or facial cues. This will pave the way for truly empathetic customer experiences. 

AI services - CTA

  • Immersive AI Experiences: AR, VR, and Customer Interaction

With the technological advancements in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), AI can endow customers with immersive customer experiences. The integration of AI with AR and VR will certainly redefine how consumers interact with businesses. 

To understand well, consider a scenario where you are trying clothes on your digital avatar in a complete VR environment without requiring you to change clothes and go for the trials in real. But a digital avatar will share how it will look on you. 

Consider another scenario, where before making a purchase, AR with AI can help you see how a new piece of furniture will look in your space. Well, it's certainly a smart move. 

Well, it is not just something that only words of mouth suggest.

percentage share of operations

Check out the graph above; even the use of gen AI use cases shared by Capgemini suggests so! And the personalized customer and brand avatars top the list.

  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning: Unprecedented Personalization

AI is ready to deliver personalized customer experiences on another level. With the incorporation of deep learning and neural networks, the advanced AI systems will provide an ultra-intelligent customer experience that will keep the customers in a "WOW" state. 

A completely personalized experience that will catch the customer's attention. 

  • Quantum: Real-Time Personalization

Combining quantum computing and AI will enhance the speed at which AI processes customer data and makes predictions. It will be something that you might have never seen. It will enable a more real-time personalization and quick responses to customer actions.

Gen AI: Fueling Innovation to Businesses

By harnessing the power of Generative AI, businesses are expecting a wide range of benefits to enhance customer satisfaction, save time by eradicating manual processes, and experience innovation. 

The expected benefits from the use of Gen AI in marketing include cost reduction, brand building, enhanced customer satisfaction, innovation, and many more. 

The below graph indicates the various benefits of using Gen AI:

capgemini data

And the graph clearly demonstrates the advantages of incorporating AI into businesses. Therefore, AI in customer experience is certainly going to thrive in the year 2024 as well. 


Artificial intelligence is no longer a technology that belongs to the future - it’s a technology that is already shaping our tomorrow. AI plays a significant role in enhancing customer experiences by making them more personalized, efficient, and emotionally attuned. 

Transform your customer experience with the power of AI!

Enhance customer satisfaction and drive growth by integrating AI-driven solutions into your business.

AI technology-1

The ability of AI to analyze vast amounts of data, understand customer behavior and preferences, and predict future trends has become an invaluable asset to businesses across the globe. 

The journey of AI in revolutionizing customer experience has just begun. Partner with a reliable Generative AI development company and join us on a journey to enhance customer experiences with AI innovation. 

 Mangesh Gothankar

Mangesh Gothankar