Corporate events are critical for businesses. Whether for internal stakeholders or customers, corporate events help publicize the company’s brand and create visibility in the market. 

As per a report by Allied Market Research, the event industry will reach $1,552.9 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 11.2% from 2021 to 2028. An industry growing at such a rate requires management solutions that are effective, robust, and built for the mobile-first generation.

Our client, a US-based startup, wanted to build a SAAS solution, an event management software,  that allowed businesses to make the most of their corporate events by integrating all event details in one digital space, which one can access from smartphones and tablets with ease.  

The client realized the changing trend in the market. The new working class is tech-savvy and mobile-first generation. They want solutions that are quick, convenient, and simple. The client saw the opportunity to create Grupio, a SAAS event management app that empowered businesses to manage their in-house and client events efficiently.
An event planning app where the organizers can upload event agendas, itineraries, meeting materials, and updates from conference organizers, saving them high printing costs. 

Project Case Study with our solution

Being technical experts, clients had the concept of the project ready but needed a strong offshore team to help them turn around their vision into a successful business. After closely evaluating client requirements, we deployed our top developers to the project to build Grupio, an event management software for easy and convenient event data management.

Grupio allows event attendees to access all event-related information on their mobile devices, displayed how you intended it to be shown. The application comprises of customer app and an admin app. The custom app is available in three variants:

Grupio Express

which is the basic package that allows you to simply upload your upcoming event through CMS (content management system) and publish it on Grupio mobile event app. You can enable or disable the event access to a public basis your event needs.

Grupio Custom

as the name suggests, allows you to customize your event app with your event branding and logos. The event is visible to attendees with your branding and logos.

Grupio Multievent

Is a custom-built event app that allows you to manage multiple events through a single panel. It is a reusable app to manage all your business events throughout the year.

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Customer Application Features



The system is built with robust CMS that allows you to dynamically update information like event, scheduling, branding, speaker details, sponsor details, exhibitor details, etc.,

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The application allows you to create interactive games in the form of puzzles, quizzes, contests, leaderboards, etc., to drive engagement among attendees.



You can schedule reminders or send out updates regarding changes in the event on the go with the alert feature.



This feature allows you to add event venue maps with marked booths and conferences. The attendees can access these maps on their devices to find locations of different activities at the venue.

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Attendee Messaging

This feature allows attendees to carry out discussions and share notes with other attendees.

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Surveys and Lead Generation

These features empower the customers to conduct surveys or capture leads during events. By saving attendees' virtual cards, event organizers can connect with attendees post-event.

Features of Admin Panel

The admin panel has super admin access for the client. The client can edit, upgrade or remove customers. The client can update the app information and enable and disable features.

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The Technology Used

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Core PHP

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Android Native

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Amazon Web Services Cloud

Impacts and benefits
from our solution

Since its inception in 2011, Grupio’s event management app has gained tremendous business popularity. Today the application is being used by companies, healthcare service providers, universities, white-label events, in-person conferences, and virtual events.

  • Large Customer Base - Over the decade, Grupio has gained a large customer base. Today 200+ businesses across industries are using Grupio for their events.
  • International Presence- Grupio is assisting businesses in the US, UK, & remaining Europe to manage their event information more effectively and efficiently.
  • Continued Partnership- Seeing Signity’s professionalism and knowledge, the client has continued to use our offshore development services to maintain and upgrade the product with new features.
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