The fitness industry has seen upward growth in the past few decades, and the pandemic significantly changed people’s preferences. Today millennials seek personalization and prefer boutique studios over regular gyms.  46% want quantifiable data about their health, and 54% are likely to buy a body-analyzing device.
People focus more on functional fitness and opt for in-person or digital workouts with trainers. But finding qualified and skilled trainers is still a challenge that individuals face. A survey shows more than 22% of trainers in the market still lack proper qualifications and certification.
Our client, a Germany-based fitness startup, wished to build an application. A search engine that brought fitness enthusiasts and trainers on a single platform and allowed users to find the appropriate trainers that suited their workout needs. 

The client realized the increasing gap between consumer demands and the market supply of fitness services. Most fitness service providers followed a one-shoe-fit-all approach to workouts and fitness sessions. 

The client wanted to break this cycle by bringing a more personalized solution to people. A search engine that allowed users to find trainers who matched their exact fitness and workout needs and book sessions with them on the go.

Project Case Study with Our Solution

Signity Solution stepped in as a consultant and, after understanding the client's requirement, built a fitness solution that allowed users to find trainers apt for their fitness goals. We built a dual-language fitness trainer search engine available in English and German. The solution comprises a customer app, trainer app, and admin panel.

Features of Customer app

Customer panel is available in a mobile application. Users are asked to answer questions regarding their workout preferences. This is done to filter out unsuitable candidates and deliver highly customized search results.The user can set filters for - cost, expertise, age of trainers, spoken language, certification, workout mode- gym/in-person or online, experience, ratings, etc.Once the customer has filled in the details, they are shown trainers in descending order from most suited to least suited. Users can alter their preferences by choosing different options in filters.Customers can rate the trainers and mark them as their favorite for future bookings.

Features of Customer app
Features of Trainer App

Features of Trainer App

Like customers, trainers, too, have to create their profile with a valid email id and contact number and fill out a detailed questionnaire to enlist. They must upload proofs of qualification for their profiles to be authorized on the system. The trainers' app provides the trainers with information on their upcoming bookings, overall ratings, and customer feedback.The trainers can update their details by adding relevant proof. Once verified, the information is updated on their profiles.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is a web-based system that provides an overview of the operations, like the total number of users and trainers registered in the app. The client can activate, deactivate and delete user and trainer profiles. The client can also dynamically update app content and questionnaire from the backend.

Admin Panel-1

The Technology Used



Node js


Impacts and benefits from our solution

Signity built an elaborate search engine that provides the most accurate information to the users to make well-informed decisions while booking a trainer.

  • Quick Turnaround Time- The entire search engine was built from the ground up and delivered within 5 months of project initiation.
  • Comprehensive Matchmaking- We have built an extensive algorithm by giving different scores to each decision-making factor based on weightage given by the consumers. The system provides the most suited suggestions of trainers and their matching percentage to the users by using the algorithms.
  • Third-party Booking - The system is integrated with a third-party calendar that provides users with information on available booking slots of any trainer, empowering them to schedule sessions on the go.
Olympus - A Fitness Trainer Search Engine

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