HR software tools enable human resource departments to carry out their daily operations easily and quickly. An Application Tracking System (ATS) is one such tool that automates many hiring processes to speed up the recruitment of new resources.

GoHire, is an ATS that empowers startups & SMEs to take ownership of their hiring and find excellent resources quickly, easily, and at a lower cost. Being a global online employment solution, Go Hire is valuable to both candidates and employers, as it eliminates the tedious job application process.  

GoHire wanted to build a robust hiring solution for SMEs globally. They wished to create an application tracking system (ATS) that allowed SMEs & startups to hire suitable candidates for their companies easily and quickly.  

The client needed a team of highly skilled professionals to build a platform that could scale to the international market.

Being a start-up, they faced budget constraints, making hiring in-house resources unviable in the project development phase. Since product enhancement is a short-term engagement that requires highly skilled technical resources, they wanted to outsource to a 3rd party development company. 

They sought a team that was a perfect fit for their business in terms of technical expertise and cost, which was not available in the local geography.

Project Case Study with Our Solution

After a detailed discussion with clients regarding the project requirements, Signity Solutions recommended the Product Engineering Model of the Offshore Development Center. Signity helped the client to build an efficient and scalable online hiring platform.

Efficient Matching Engine

We have built an efficient matching engine that tracks candidate data like Skills, Qualifications, Location, Remuneration, etc., to ensure employers receive the right candidate match for each opening, enabling them to hire effectively.

Feature Enhancements

With experienced developers on board, the client enjoys constant consultation and team input on product improvement. The team continuously upgrades the platform with new features to keep it updated with the latest market trends.

HubSpot Migration

We migrated the client’s website to HubSpot, where our HubSpot developers built customized themes and modules using Hubble programming language for digital assets. The modules came with drag and drop functionality, enabling clients to personalize web pages, landing pages, blogs & emailers as per their requirement.


The Technology Used



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Impacts and benefits from
our solution

Signity helped GoHire set up an efficient Offshore Development Center in India that helped the client build a robust online hiring platform. Today GoHire is a reputed brand recognized in over 50 countries. The new platform has streamlined clients’ business processes, enabling them to scale quickly in the international market.

  • Cost Reduction - Deploying YTII resources on project development helped the client reduce the project cost by almost 50%.
  • Customer Delight - GoHire was impressed by the professionalism and quality of work. The client moved from a Project Engineering model to a Build-to-scale model of ODC. The project that started with a two-member team today employs 8+ resources. GoHire has offshored its entire IT department and Digital Marketing to Signity Solution. 

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