The hospitality industry is one of the biggest and fast-growing industries in the world. Though it took a major hit during Covid19, it still grew at 13.9% CAGR, from $3,952.87 billion in 2021 to $4,502.83 billion in 2022, and is expected to reach 6713.6 Billion by 2028. 
Though Hospitality is a rapidly growing industry, customer expectation is evolving faster. This sometimes leaves even renowned hospitality brands in a bad light due to their inability to keep up with the changing customer expectations.
Liked You, a German Startup, saw a business opportunity to build a rating app that could help the hospitality industry enhance the quality of its services.
The Client realized there was an increasing gap between customer requirements and the services provided by the hospitality industry. They wanted to create a unique solution that could aid Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes in capturing customer feedback in real-time and understanding the inconsistency between expectations and service delivered to enhance operations.
The client wished to build a solution that enabled business owners to quickly create an account, enlist their services, and servers to respective services to collect feedback on teams and individuals. 
They wish to design a feedback mechanism, a restaurant rating & hotel rating app that allows the customers to get directed to the feedback page through a simple scan of the QR assigned to each server. 
To test this solution’s viability, they needed a reliable custom software development company that could help them build the MVP (minimum viable product) in the shortest turnaround time.

Project Case Study with Our Solution

Understanding the client's needs, our expert developers built a tailor-made rating app consisting of a mobile application for customers and a web-browser panel for business owners and the admin.

The Business Owner (BO) Panel

The BO panel is an open web application that allows hoteliers and restaurant owners signup with ease. They can add their customer-facing employees/servers and categorize them under different teams like reception, housekeeping, restaurant, bar, etc. They can define the rating process for all teams under different categories and add up to 3 feedback questions per server and service category.BO panel comes with an analytic dashboard that collates feedback across services and provides a comprehensive report on teams and individuals to see gaps in services and take corrective actions to fill them.Business owners can create an automated push notification for discount coupons that are sent to their customers after every few feedbacks.

The Business Owner (BO) Panel
Customer Application

Customer Application

A mobile application/service rating app is built for end customers that allow them to rate a service or a server on the go. They can scan the QR code aligned to servers which takes them directly to the page where they can rate the services, share comments, or choose comment labels. The users can also view and redeem offers, and discount vouchers earned while rating from the application.

Admin Panel

Only the client can access the admin panel, where their team can access a comprehensive view of all the businesses registered with them on BO. The client can add businesses and new categories of businesses and features.

Admin Panel

The Technology Used





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Impacts and benefits
from our solution

Signity Solutions built an extensive hospitality & restaurant rating app with great features for the client to test in the market.

  • Quick Turnaround- The MVP of the product was built and delivered within 5 months of project initiation.
Impacts and benefits from our solution

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