In today’s digital-first world, social media has become a significant influence in the consumer decision-making process. Consumers conduct thorough research online before investing, whether it is a household item or luxury goods.

But the world of digital media is vast, and finding a reliable source of information can be challenging for many industries. The automobile being one such industry, the client wished to build a social media platform that provided reliable UGC content to make informed decisions.

Our client , a Germany based  automobile enthusiast, saw there is a big gap in the market when it comes to finding verified information about different category automobiles. 

They  wanted to build a social media platform that allowed users to find authentic pictures, reviews and in-depth description on vehicles of different categories and their spare parts  

The client reached out to Signity Solutions to build this MVP.

Being a startup, the client needed more technical expertise and faced budget constraints with building an elaborate social media platform in the local geography. They sought a trusted outsourcing company to help them actualize their concept into product MVP (minimum viable product) at the shortest turnaround time to test in the market quickly. 

Project Case Study with our solution

Signity deployed its experts to build the social media platform. We created a PWA (Progressive web application) for the user and admin panel.  It allows users to personalize profiles by choosing  their content interest. 

The app allows users to enlist themselves under two categories: Personal or Business Accounts. Members who join the Personal Account category are the people interested in using the platform to view & discover feeds. Whereas the Business Account is for businesses wanting to sell automobile industry-related products like vehicles, spare parts & other tech installations. Users can easily switch between the two categories from settings.

The members can choose different content categories at the time of registration, based on which the platform algorithm customizes their feed.  The platform also allows users to dynamically change their interest as and when needed.Users can share content under various categories and enable and disable notifications on a post.

Talks are private or public groups and communities that users can join by simply sending a request to the group admin. Users can create event invites on the platform and promote it amongst followers. The members can host one-on-one & group chats.


The Technology Used



Node Js

Node Js

AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud

Impacts and benefits from
our solution

Understanding the need of the project Signity Solution deployed a team of experts specializing in creating PWAs to take over the end-to-end development of the project.  

  • Quick TAT - The first phase of the product is ready to be launched in the market within 6 months of product initiation.

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