The Pandemic left the entire world vulnerable. The most affected were the seniors who had to stay isolated due to their compromised immune systems. Shopping for sustenance became the biggest challenge they faced. Our client saw the struggles of the senior citizens and wished to build a solution that could assist individuals in shopping for basics and groceries from the comfort of their homes and get items delivered through contactless delivery to their doorsteps.

The client wished to develop a grocery delivery app that empowered people to shop at their favorite grocery stores and supermarkets from their homes. A system that allowed users to place orders and have them delivered the same day to their homes without pricing markup.
Since the core concept of building this solution was to help ‘Seniors,’ creating a simple and easy-to-use UI was of utmost importance.

The client realized that some of the biggest apprehensions for baby boomers and seniors in changing their shopping methods were product quality. They preferred in-person grocery shopping because they could evaluate the quality of each item before buying them. Besides this, they were also skeptical of online payments and preferred card or cash payments to be made at a physical store.

Project Case Study with Our Solution

Considering the client's unique requirement, our team of experts built Zipp Cart, an exclusive on-demand, shopper-facilitated grocery ordering application. Zipp Cart is a grocery marketplace with all the significant superstores and local stores listed.

The shopper can choose the store where they want to place their order and create a shopping list by adding the articles/products to their cart. Unlike a regular on-demand grocery delivery app, in Zipp Cart, this list is allocated to a shopper, who visits the store, picks up the products, creates a billing, and sends the payment link to the customer for final payment. 

The final billing is based on the products and quantity the shopper picked up. The customer can request the shopper to pick an alternative for out-of-stock items. 

The shopper is accountable for last-mile delivery and ensuring the products are delivered to the customer’s doorstep at the time slot selected by the customer while placing the order in the app.

The solution comprises of customer mobile app, a shopper/runner app, and an admin panel.

Features of Customer App

The application has an easy-to-use and navigate user interface, making it user-friendly and convenient for all age groups. Once logged in, the user can filter the stores based on store distance, new arrivals, budget-friendly, discounts, etc.To simplify the navigation further, post selection of the store, a category tab is created that allows users to select the product categories, so only those options are shown.

Features of Customer App
Features of Shopper/Runner App

Features of Shopper/Runner App

App This app provides an overview of the total number of order requests and store and delivery address details to the runner. They can plan their schedule as per the slot chosen by the customers. The application also details the total number of bookings and total daily earnings.

Admin Panel

We created an admin panel for the client that provided him with a complete view of the ongoing operations across cities. The admin panel provides details on

=> the total number of orders received to date

=> the number of orders received in a day

=> completed orders

=> pending requests

=> total downloads, and active/ dormant users

Admin can add and remove users, runners, and stores from the list.

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The Technology Used







Impacts and benefits from our solution

Since the inception of Zipp Cart, this on-demand grocery delivery app has received great acceptance in the Canadian Market. Thousands of iOS and Android users use the application to buy necessities in a contactless environment. The 1000+ user base, 50+ shoppers /runners, enrolled 10+ retail chains, and has delivered over 10K+ orders across Canada.

  • Quick Rollout - Developed complete solution within 3 months
  • Contactless Shopping Experience - The entire process ensures zero contact delivery.
  • Highly Secure - Integration of a secure payment gateway to enable hassle-free payments.
Impacts and benefits from our solution

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