The 21st century has brought great technological advancement to simplify our daily lives. Though on the one hand, the modern lifestyle has made life convenient, on the other, it has increased consumerism and plastic pollution.

A study by Our World in Data shows that the cumulative plastic production reached 460 million tonnes in the year 2019, which makes it 9.5 billion tons of plastics per person. This number has only grown since.

Our client, Ecoprenure, wished to help people reduce their carbon print by shifting their mindset from ‘buying’ to ‘borrowing’ by building a solution that empowered them to do so with ease.

Being a US-based entrepreneur, our client studied people's buying behavior and realized that a lot of their savings go into purchasing equipment and machinery that they probably used twice or thrice in a year; the remainder of the time, these items just lay idle in their garage. 
This was especially true for heavy machinery, agricultural and adventure sports equipment where the investment and upkeep are heavy. The client wished to build a rental business that allowed people to monetize their possessions by leasing them to individuals through hassle-free transactions. 
The client understood that the most common challenge faced by people while renting equipment was the lack of reliable sources. The end users are always skeptical about the quality of products, safety in digital transactions, and fraud by other parties. The client realized this gap in the market and thought of creating a rental marketplace that allowed seamless interactions between the renter and rentee while addressing all their concerns. 

Project Case Study with our solution

Signity Solution became a project consultant and helped the client build the MVP for his customer-to-customer (C2C) rental marketplace. This unique application allows users to create a single profile to rent products and upload product information for leasing purposes. 
We built a cross-platform application that users can access on mobile and the web to ensure maximum customer ease. The solution consists of Admin & User Panel along with a user app.

Admin Panel

We have built an elaborate admin panel that allows client to manage the solution’s front-end content dynamically. It's a single dashboard that lets the client get a bird's eye view of the ongoing business in terms of the total number of users, bookings, transactions, etc.


Payment Gateway Integration

Stripe Connect Express has been integrated as the payment gateway for the solution that enables quick and easy online payment for renters. Using Strip APIs, we have created the payment backend that allows the admin to define payment terms, like commission, taxation, insurance, withholding, and service fee. The system automatically splits every payment received and credits to the respective accounts.

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Payout management

The admin manages the payout and decides when the payment will be released to the lister to ensure safety from fraudulent transactions.


Dynamic Content

The admin can update the application content from the backend and can add new cities and product categories. They also have the right to remove dormant accounts or block users if they see recurring discrepancies in their transactions.

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Lister/Renter Panel

A common application for Listers and Renters is built, so individuals can use the same profile to lease out their possessions or rent products. They get to view all the current, past, and future bookings made on their listed items and received and pending payments, etc.,

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Product Listing

Since the application caters to a wide range and categories of products, to avoid confusion for the lister, we have created a simple and common form for listing their products.


Delivery and Pickup Service

The lister can define whether the product is up for delivery or is to be picked up and the time slots for the same. They can also decide the delivery/pickup notice hour.


Calendar Integration

A calendar integration allows the lister to determine when they want to lease out their products. A slot automatically gets closed at the time of booking, creating real-time updates on the availability.

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Booking Type

When uploading the product, the listers can define if they wish to enable instant booking or review booking ( lister reviewing the request and renter’s profile before approving the booking).


Day Specific Pricing

Basis their product demand, the lister can create different product rentals for different days to monetize on high-demand days.


Promotion & Discount

The listers can create discount and promotion offers by simply defining the offer timeframe and percentage of discount in the product listing.

The Technology Used

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Impacts and benefits from
our solution

Built to reduce the carbon footprint of people on earth, RentCraze, a C2C rental marketplace, is a revolutionary solution that can change the mindset of individuals, inculcating the habit of recycling and reusing. The system's simplicity makes the transition convenient by addressing the challenges of the end-users.

  • Bookkeeping Automation- The solution provides a backend that allows the client to predefine payment terms to automate the end-to-end calculation and bookkeeping. Integration with Avalara has allowed
  • Highly Flexible Solution- From adding content to adding new categories and service locations, the client enjoys the freedom to customize the offerings to suit his business model.
  • User Safety - To ensure no fraudulent transactions are carried out, the admin holds the payments until the transaction is completed and the product is returned to the listers in its original state.
  • Transparency-The solution provides complete transparency to the lister and renter on the transaction and payments.
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