Speeding penalties due to the installation of cameras and speed gun-based automatic violation detection systems have become a concern for daily commuters using private vehicles. Delhi alone accounts for 16000 traffic tickets in a day.
To address this challenge, our client wished to build a Mobile App that could help daily commuters avoid traffic ticketing by sending alerts.
The client wished to build an app that provided real-time updates on the location of the speed cameras on the road. Using the GPS feature, the app would automatically detect the driver's current location and send an alert about the approaching camera and speed limit to help avoid overspeeding penalties.
When the client approached Signity, they only had a concept for the solution. They sought a trusted partner who could help build the end-to-end solution. A team of experts who could step in as consultants and find the right tech stack and geo-fencing tool to create a powerful and scalable application

Project a Case Study with our solution

Signity’s expert evaluated the client’s requirements and built Velo, a scalable mobile application for mobile for speed camera detection. Velo is an intelligent road safety app that provides a safe, seamless, and penalty-free driving experience on Indian roads. Using Bluedot geo-fencing integration, our developers created a detailed mapping of speed cameras in Delhi along with a custom-created alert radius to provide the right amount of reaction time to the drivers.

In-built features of apps

Simple user interface to ensure ease of use

Sends real-time voice alerts to users

Screen customization(light/dark mode)

Minimal distraction as one gets notifications for only cameras

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The Technology Used

Native Android

Native Android

Java +Android Framework

Java +Android Framework

Native iOS- Swift

Native iOS- Swift

Bluedot geo-fencing

Bluedot geo-fencing

Impacts and benefits from our solution/USP

Velo is an intelligent sodefatey app that has made  driving a hassle-free experience with voice alerts for speed cameras, with minimal interuption

  • Quick TAT -  The MVP was built and delivered within 3 months of project initiation.
  • Customization - App sends custom alerts basis the choice of vehicle (Bike, Car, Truck).
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