Started in the year 2005, One-Stop Telecom is a telecommunications.
The founder of One-Stop Telecom started in the telecommunications industry in 2005 as a field technician and later began consulting for businesses of all sizes. In the ensuing years, he quickly recognized the need in the small to medium-sized business market for better direction when it came to buying decisions for network, internet, and phone services.
The client wished to deploy a solution that could automate the entire process of collecting, collating, and billing the Skyfax numbers to eliminate human efforts and errors in billing cycle.

To generate accurate billing for their customers, the client’s accounts team had to manually track the number of calls and duration made through Skyfax numbers in the CDR report and upload the collated data to the FTP server daily. This resulted in:

  • Error in calculations, creating billing errors
  • The time-consuming and tedious process
  • High human dependency
  • Delays in delivery

Project Case Study with Our Solution

After understanding the client's needs, we built an automation solution with 2 unattended bots automating the complete process. 

Bot 1

It took care of evaluating daily call reports and identifying the skyfax numbers, their call time and updating them in the FTP server.

Bot 2

Once the information was updated, the second bot calculates the billing amount for the Skyfax number for different customers basis their service plans.

Both the bots run on regular intervals, ensuring the data is updated regularly on daily basis.

Group 1198(2)

The Technology Used

Open-source RPA Tool

Open-source RPA Tool

Impacts and benefits from our solution

An efficient and scalable RPA solution has replaced the manual process with automation, increasing  operational efficiency, accuracy and overall team productivity. Here’s a quick synopsis of how the RPA solution implemented by Signity has helped the client :

  • Zero Human Intervention - The solution automated the end-to-end billing process for Skyfax numbers, eliminating human dependency completely. 
  • 90% reduction in TAT - The process that took hours and a dedicated human resource to be completed now takes few minutes.
  • 100% accuracy in operations - Automation has eliminated human-errors from the process, enhancing its accuracy and efficiency. 
  • Non-invasive Implementation - No alteration to systems and processes has been made to deploy these bots.
Impacts and benefits from our solution

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