The client is an Australian Govt affiliated educational body that provides vocational training courses in surface extraction, civil construction, jewelry, business, and water industry operations. They design training programs aiming to develop candidates to learn their knowledge's practical applications. They work with businesses across sectors, helping them upgrade their skills. 
The client aspired to build an on-demand Software as a Service platform that would allow their trainees and in-house trainers access government-approved courses.  Being an affiliated educational body,  the curriculum offered required compliance with the government's prescribed guidelines.
This web-based SaaS platform demanded scraping of more than 10K+ courses spanning approximately 2K web pages from the government training website. 
Since the government regularly upgraded the courses on its website, there was a need to manually review each course and compare it with the previous version.  A task that was almost humanely impossible. 
Besides, the manual copy & paste methodology for data extraction resulted in operational delays, errors, and a dip in their internal team satisfaction rate.

Project Case Study with Our Solution

From the onset, it was established that process automation through robotic bots is the answer(period).  So, the challenge Signity focused on solving was how to build an automation solution that would bring speed and accuracy but would also be easy to operate and maintain by our client’s internal team members.  We call it the human-robot collaboration allowing engagement between human users and robots in a simple, self-serve manner.  Therefore, the RPA solution Signity implemented consisted of an attended bot, an unattended bot, and an easy-to-handle yet state-of-the-art client dashboard. The TAT for the entire implementation was 2 weeks. 

The bots carry out the following functions :

Bot 1

An unattended bot runs at regular intervals to scrape the data on Government websites, identify the new changes and update them on the dashboard for the client team to review. The bot scans 2000+ web pages in under an hour and identifies the new updates available in the content.

Bot 2

Essentially, an on-demand bot that functions as and when the client's team wishes to update their content. The client can choose the changes they wish to integrate into their website and initiate the bot with a simple click to carry out the task.

Group 1183

The Technology Used

Group 1191(1)

Open-source RPA Tool

Impacts and benefits of our solution

An efficient and scalable RPA solution has replaced a rather unexciting manual process that the client earlier followed. It has hugely improved operations, brought down human dependency, and made the entire course upgradation process accurate.  
Here’s a quick synopsis of how the RPA solution implemented by Signity has helped the client : 

More than a 90% reduction in turnaround time - By leveraging Signity’s RPA solution, the complete data extraction task is automated. A process that took weeks is now done within an hour by the bot, reducing the operation time by 90%. 

Reduced human dependency - The solution made the process almost independent of humans.

Accuracy - The automation helped bring 100% accuracy in processes, ensuring complete compliance with government regulations.

Employee satisfaction - With bots taking over mundane and repetitive tasks, the team can now perform work that truly creates an impact. This has created a sense of purpose, improving overall satisfaction among employees.

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