Road traffic accidents in Germany have increased substantially. More than 2.4 million accidents were recorded in 2022, an increase of 3.8% from the previous year.

The understaff force needs help managing the increasing cases of traffic violations. The manual process of recording and updating the database creates a lag in the information, making it difficult for offices on the field to raise valid tickets against defaulters.

Our client is a Germany-based leading brand for industrial machine vision, specializing in creating products and software for image-based quality inspection, identification, and process optimization.

They realized the challenges faced by the Traffic Police Department and saw an opportunity to use their expertise to build a solution that would automate the complete tracking, recording, and uploading of details on traffic violators. 

They wanted to build a mobile application that allowed the force deployed on the field to record and update details on traffic violators by simply scanning the license plate using their mobile phones.

Though the client was a specialist in machine vision and had worked on various traffic management solutions, they needed experts in mobile app development. They sought a reliable outsourcing team to transform their idea into a viable solution MVP.

Project Case Study with our solution

Signity Solution collaborated with the client to build an elaborate solution that provided real-time information using vehicle registration numbers. The mobile app is connected to the police database to provide centralized online access. Officers can scan the number plate using their mobile apps to fetch all the recent traffic violations helping them raise the ticket accordingly. They can take photographs of the vehicles and save them on the app as proof for future reference. The solution comprises a Mobile app and an Admin panel.


Features of Mobile App

  • Authentication of personnel at the time of signup using the Police verification code or badge number
  • Access granted in 24 hours, post verification from admin 
  • Once logged in, users can view and check license plates, record history, list of license plates, list management, notifications, app version, and support.
  • Users will scan the license plate by clicking the vehicle picture. The platform will scan the vehicle number and display the following details: plate number, mark the violation with the location, able to view the instruction, set if there has been any entry in the recent past, and take additional photos of the vehicle details on the previous violation.
  • Users can view the list of their scanned or clicked licensed plates.
  • The notification shows the updated list and daily validation code.
  • The application also runs offline to ensure that users can always access information.

Features of the Admin App

  • Admin has access to the information uploaded by the users.
  • Admin can Create/View/Update/Delete the police accounts.
  • Admin can view the list of scanned or clicked licensed plates uploaded by the police officers.
  • The admin uploads the violation data recorded across the cities every 24 hours to ensure users get the latest information at all times.


The Technology Used




Node Js

Impacts and benefits from our solution

Signity Solutions helped build a solution to digitize and automate the recording and maintenance the traffic violation records. The centralized access to data enables faster information retrieval and simplifies the complete process.
  • Quick TAT - The MVP was delivered within 6 sprints/ 3 months. 
  • Offline Operations - The app has an inbuilt database of traffic violations that automatically gets updated every 24 hours to provide accurate data to the users.  


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