An employee is an organization's biggest asset, whether big or small. Often, companies have to move these assets to different locations as per the requirement and their job profiles. 

Relocation management becomes crucial to create hassle-free relocation of employees. A poorly managed relocation can cause dissatisfaction, friction, and loss of an asset the company invested in developing.

Our client, a  mobility management company, has been helping businesses in the USA manage employee relocation for 50+ years. With over 150,000 partners and agents operating nationwide, they help create a seamless relocation experience. 

Our client’s new product addition is the first cloud-based relocation platform that helps manage the relocation process from the initial authorization to the final reconciliation.  The purpose of introducing this solution was to automate the end-to-end process of relocation management with real-time information for the end users, making the process more transparent and fast.

Built to cater to the tech-savvy generation that prefers a digital solution with minimal human dependency, the client wished to launch it as soon as possible.

The product is an elaborate cloud-based platform designed to bring automation to the complete relocation process for users. It offers multiple functionalities on-realtime powered by numerous algorithms, databases, and APIs.

A complex product like this had multiple test cases to be checked and verified for functionality throughout the development cycle. The QA (quality analyst) team deployed on the project, conducted manual testing and submitted the report to the client. This resulted in recurring human errors and required multiple rounds of feedback and follow-ups, creating delays in project development.

The client sought a solution that could bring automation to the testing process, eliminating delays caused by unnecessary human dependency. They wanted a solution to run tests, update the test sheet, and flag errors/ bugs in the system.

Project Case Study with Our Solution

The client reached out to Signity Solution to help them address the challenge faced in the QA process. Our experts realized that many test cases the QA team performs are repetitive and rule-based. They suggested building robotic process automation (RPA) solution that automatically ran test cases and updated performance sheets with zero human intervention. The solution comprised three software robots created, trained, and deployed within three weeks of project initiation.

Bot1 :

This bot verifies and updates the test cases in the development and staging environment. It runs over 250 test cases to check and validate the UI functionality of the web application.

The bot validates operations like login & Signup pages & landing pages, checks the functionality of page forms and clicks, ensures the correct and complete information is available across pages, validates the visibility of all suppliers and their details, verifies if users can request quotes, etc.

The bot runs regularly, completes all test cases within 12 minutes, and updates it on the client database.


Bot2 :

The second bot runs the test cases on the production environment to cross-verify the working of the codes from the development and staging environments. It checks the functionality on the server side to ensure everything on production is working fine and reports discrepancies or bugs found in the production environment. 

It is activated once Bot1 has completed its UI testing. It runs over 200 test cases in under 10 minutes to verify and validate the accuracy of multiple codes to ensure the smooth functioning of various web app features.

Bot 3 :

This assisted bot verifies the vertical pricing functionality of 'Move your belongings.' Since the system dynamically generates the service costing here, basis the distance between cities, the weight, and the size of customer belongings. Since the system calculates prices in real-time, a wrong or invalid input can lead to inaccurate calculation, resulting in a loss of revenue on transactions.

The bot runs regular tests on the system by creating hypothetical relocation scenarios by selecting various cities and luggage sizes to generate costs and compare them with the client database to ensure all inputs function accurately.

Bot 3

The Technology Used

UiPath Studio

UiPath Studio

Impacts and benefits from our solution

The RPA-powered test automation helped the client eliminate human dependency in the QA process, enhancing its development speed manifold.

  • 90 % reduction in testing time - Before RPA bots, the QA team spent 4-5 hours manually verifying and recording various test cases. The exact process is now done within minutes using digital bots, reducing testing time by 90%.
  • Zero Human Errors - The solution has completely automated the testing process of these test cases, eliminating the scope of human errors.
Impacts and benefits of our solution

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