Chatbot Development with IBM Watson


Chatbot Development with IBM Watson

With rapid integration of technology into the essential functions of a business enterprise, tasks are finalizing quickly and efficiently. Evolving and self-learning technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been making the execution of routine tasks effortless. The rising popularity of AI has led to the development of bots to handle specific tasks without any human intervention. These bots are nothing, but a computer program powered by AI that is designed to perform the designated task efficiently. One of the most popular categories of bots is Chatbots. Chatbots are those bots which have been developed to "Chat" or interact with the user. They engage customers, employees or other interested parties and resolve their queries or direct them to complete a task efficiently.

Various technologies are useful for chatbot development with varying characteristics, as per the requirements. One of the most popular chatbot development platforms is IBM Watson.


About IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a suite of Artificial Intelligence services, applications, and tools whose designing is specifically for requirements of enterprises. It lets you integrate AI into most critical business operations and turn raw data into meaningful insights. IBM Watson allows you to develop customized AI solutions or integrate existing AI solutions for your business.

Critical features of Chatbots based on IBM Watson

IBM Watson comes with exciting features that ensure that the chatbots offer you the desired outcomes. Essential elements of Chatbots, which use IBM Watson for handling tasks they have been designed to handle, are

Knowledge Representation

Chatbots developed with IBM Watson allow you to engage your audiences in the best possible manner. This is done using a conversational design based on your functions and goals. It helps with engaging the customers with your company in a more effective manner.

Automated Reasoning

There are highly efficient reasoning skills in-built in IBM Watson. It allows not only to decipher and interpret the language being used but also discover the hidden intent. This quality of Automated Reasoning will enable you to handle multiple customer queries efficiently with spontaneous and specific answers.

Natural language Processing

Natural Language Processing allows your chatbot to understand the needs and requirements of the customers accurately. Therefore, enabling the chatbot to respond to customers like a human. It gathers information from multiple business departments, compiles it correctly, processes it and then offers answers as per the latest status.

Machine Learning

It is imperative that a chatbot continues to evolve and improve. For this, it is required to draw insights from data. With its machine learning technology, IBM Watson enables your Chatbot to offer logical answers and respond desirably.

Advantages of Chatbots based on IBM Watson

There are numerous advantages of using IBM Watson for development of your Chatbots. Some of the significant benefits that your organization can reap are:


- Engage with your customers round the clock in an efficient manner.

- Design and deploy your customized chatbot in quick time at competitive prices.

- Free-up your personnel to work on other essential tasks.

- Accelerate the query response time by up to 99%.

- High accuracy rate while replying to even complex customer queries.

- Integrate multiple social media and other messaging platforms.

- Easy to train your bot to handle new questions and queries.

- Efficient yet straightforward to use interface

How we can help you

At Signity, we have been working in the field of chatbot development based on IBM Watson since last many years. Our expertise allows us to deliver accurate chatbot solutions to our customers spread across the globe. We have been helping numerous business enterprises successfully design and implement customized chatbots to enhance their efficiency and reduce wastages.

Our team of expert developers and programmers boast of more than 50 years of collective experience in chatbot development. We leverage this experience to offer quick, reliable and efficient Chatbot solutions for your specific requirements.

Our customer care team works round the clock and offers you constant support even after deployment of the bot. For any queries or questions, feel free to Contact us now.

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