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Ecommerce bots

With the rising popularity of online retail platforms as well as increasing usage of smartphones, Ecommerce has received a significant boost in the recent times. With a large number of customers present online on a Ecommerce platform, business enterprises are looking for solutions that can make the customer experience a gratifying, personal and conversational interaction with the E-retailer. The whole concept of Ecommerce is in turning casual users in to active customers using customer engagement tools. This is where Ecommerce bots come in to the picture.


What are Ecommerce bots

Ecommerce bots are those programs which are deployed on ecommerce platforms and aim to offer a complete one-stop solution for any queries that the customers might have. They put customer in control of the interaction and enable them access to multiple channels to resolve their questions or queries. They accomplish this great task without using any traditional push tactics and making the conversation informational. This ensures that customer loyalty is generated and is effectively translated into sales.

Role of Ecommerce bots

Ecommerce bots are now being called as “new apps” by the customers because the customers have now started using these bots instead of apps. Bots accomplish multiple tasks without the customer needing to interact with each app independently. These bots help engage the customer with the brand and foster brand loyalty, which is translated in to repeated sales later on. Ecommerce bots automate transactions and ensure personalized engagement with the customers.

Key features of our Ecommerce Bots

As a leading name in the industry, we have developed highly effective and multi-functional ecommerce bots for our clients. Some of the key features of our ecommerce bots are/p>

  • - Working round the clock, 24x7, 365 days a year.
  • - Offer real-time customer services across multiple channels.
  • - Parameters can be easily upgraded or adjusted
  • - Automisation of order placement and dispatch
  • - Automatic updating of inventory levels with regular reminders.
  • - Simple and direct interactions with customers over multiple channels
  • - Offer personalized and relevant suggestions to customers

Benefits of our Ecommerce bots

Our Ecommerce bots are based on advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, which ensures that your business can reap maximum benefits from them. Some of the major benefits associated with ecommerce bots are

  • - Always up and running ensuring continuous sales
  • - Reduced dependency on human resources
  • - Reduction in expenses as it is only a one-time investment.
  • - Handle all queries from a customer deftly.
  • - Automatically transfer the customer to human representative if required.
  • - Easy to update parameters and guidelines.
  • - Sperate modules for B2C interactions and B2E interactions.

 How we can help you


With our many years of experience, we have acquired significant expertise in offering state-of-the-art ecommerce bots to our clients. No matter the scale of your operations, our ecommerce bots make sure that you enjoy the benefits on offer. By ensuring customer loyalty through active engagement, our e-commerce bots make sure that you reap the benefits of repeated sales from your customers. Our ecommerce bots are easy to deploy, modify and upgrade as per your requirements.

With our efficient after-deployment services, we make sure that your bot is always up and running, getting in more orders for you. Our team consists of highly experienced developers and programmers, who are able to take care of any requests that you may.

If you are also interested in taking your ecommerce platform to new heights and enjoy the benefits offered by our bots, then get in touch with our team today. We are more that happy to be able to partner you in your quest.

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