Google Assistant for Chatbot Development


Google Assistant for Bot Development

Ever since their introduction, Chatbots have risen in popularity by leaps and bounds. They are now being integrated into various critical business functions by many organizations. The main reason behind their popularity is the use of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence allows them to understand and evolve with time, as per the requirements. Chatbots have been successful in freeing up human resources from mundane tasks and enable them to work on more critical functions. As Chatbots have customized parameters, they can be modified to handle many business operations with ease.

Taking this amazing technology one notch further voice recognition and speech have now become a part of the bots. It allows your bots to listen to the customers, understand their requirements and offer the required information instantly. It ensures a meaningful interaction with the customers. There are various voice-powered technologies available in the market for Chatbot Development. One of the most popular options is Google Voice Assistant.


About Google Assistant

As the name suggests, Google Assistant is the voice-based assistance service from Google. Initially, Google Assistant was a part of Android and Google devices only. But now Google has allowed other manufacturers and developers to integrate Google Assistant with their products and services. It will enable the customers to have an intuitive way of interacting with the product and get things done. Ever since its launch in 2016, Google Assistant has evolved amazingly. It is now one of the most advanced voice assistants out there.

Key features of Google Assistant

Google Assistant boasts of incredible features and functionalities that make it one of the most versatile voice assistants. It ensures an exciting way for customers to interact with a business and its products. Some of the key features of Google Assistant are

Recognize voice profiles

Google assistant can recognize different people based on their voice profiles. It allows it to adjust its voice responses accordingly. Any other system does not yet offer this feature.

Coordination reduction

Google assistant can handle multiple commands at once, allowing for speedy completion of various tasks with ease. It is yet another feature which is not available in any other device.

Understand context

Google Assistant understands the meaning of the background for a command. It enables it to understand the intent of the question and thereby offer an answer accordingly.

Easy Integration

Although, initially it was designed for Android and Google Devices only. Now Google assistant can be easily integrated into devices from other manufacturers. It is easily compatible with smart devices, thereby ensuring easy control of an intelligent home.

Benefits of Google Assistant for Chatbot Development

Google Assistant brings the power of Google with it. It has various amazing features that offer numerous advantages to the users. Here are some of the significant benefits of using Google Assistant for chatbot development

  • - It offers real-time answers based on updated information.
  • - Easy integration of Google Assistant into numerous devices.
  • - Artificial Intelligence allows it to evolve with time.
  • - Easily differentiate between different voices.
  • - Handling multiple commands at once with ease.
  • - Easy integration with numerous AWS platforms.
  • - Supports various programming languages.
  • - Natural language understanding.

How we can help you

At Signity, we offer you our expert services for the development of voice-enabled chatbots based on Google Assistant. Our many years of experience and technological prowess allows us to create amazing chatbots for our clients. We ensure that the chatbots we create for you take your business to greater heights.

Our team boasts of a collective experience of more than 40 years and includes expert programmers, coders, and developers. It ensures that the bots we create for you are error-free and easily deployable. Our excellent customer support is available to you even after the deployment of the chatbot.

If you have any queries and questions, then feel free to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to be of assistance to you. Contact us now.

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