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One might ask the question “What do bots do?” AI (artificial intelligence) enthusiasts will answer with jest “What don't they do?” Virtual digital assistants (VDIs) are amongst the most popular types of bots, help companies manage their administrative tasks seamlessly. These programs can handle anything that you design them to do ranging from handling customer queries to tracking progress of a task. Chatbots first emerged in chat interfaces where they would imitate human interactions, as if one were to talk to a human. They are driven by AI and machine learning, which enables them handle conversations with humans, answer basic questions, handle various tasks and evolve with that experience. The major benefit offered by bots is task automation: they can be designed to handle mundane and repetitive tasks, which frees up the personnel in your organisation for more complex tasks. With time, these bots evolve and are able to handle complex tasks efficiently with their cognitive ability.


What are Job bots?

The bots are “applicant tracking systems” (ATS) and are majorly used for sorting job applications of candidates. Gone are the times when one would slog among tons of papers and job applications. These bots automatically filter out candidates based on keywords, schools attended skills, former employers, years of experience which the candidate provides. They help in finding direct jobs for you matching with your job profile. The job bot will match the appropriate job profile.


Role of a Job bot

The purpose of a job but is pretty evident. The bot will have a conversation with the client regarding their query about job applications and search help. Some pre-programmed answers are fed in the bot to aid the client in searching for jobs. Job bots are also known to be as guardians of an agency as they go through CVs and resumes.

Key features of our Job bot

Job bots are based on advanced algorithms where they not only handle the standard queries of customers deftly; they can also understand the tone of the customer and direct them to the human representatives if they start getting irritated. Some of the features of job bots are given below:

Keep Record

A job bot can be used for more than just answering questions. This opportunity can be used to keep employee records and more such organisational information effectively.

Easy Communication

The bot, which can communicate through Facebook Messenger or text messages, is efficient enough to address the topics to be highlighted in all-caps, making it easy for the candidates to scourge through.

Relevent Information

Since the bot doesn't understand full sentences or open-ended questions, using keywords it recognizes is easy. That makes talking to it more like picking important topics first-hand rather than looking for relevant information for hours.

Selection Test

By taking in considerations of entire HR department and all key decision makers, job bots can select those candidates who are particularly suited for a job. This action is done on basis of information provided by the candidate as well as the result of selection tests.

Benefits of our Job bot

With our AI-powered job bot, your business stands to gain immense benefits of this highly dynamic solution that we have developed after years of hard work and dedication. Some of the most significant benefits that you enjoy with our job bots are

  • 24 x 7 availability
  • Minimizes requirement of human resources for standard operations.
  • Helps in reducing your recurring costs.
  • No need of organizing any sales and training program
  • One-time investment only, no repeated expenses
  • The AI-based platform that works within the parameters defined by you.
  • -Patiently handle all questions from customers without annoying them.
  • -Eliminates the factor of a language spoken and accent used by customers

 How we can help you excel

Our job bot will ensure great job results for you. Bots are a new innovation created to help companies function smoothly without major hiccups like shortage of workforce or proper personnel. These job bots will help in exploring areas of this industry which were earlier impossible due to work overload. Due to these bots and their AI interface, your company can now employ the workforce in more productive areas like improving client relations and more. Moreover, if you use our job bots, it will be easier for candidates to search for apt jobs too!

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