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Sales and Service Bots

The rapid integration of technology across multiple business functions has completely revolutionized the working style for most corporation. Gone are the days when everything was dependant on human interaction. With the rising popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, businesses are now looking to integrate it with their regular functions and make them more efficient and effortless. One of the most innovative and effective application of AI has been in development of Sales and Service Bots.


What are Sales and Service bots?

Sales and service bots are those programs which are driven by AI and are used to replace human sales and service representatives. These bots are used to replace personnel who perform highly repeatable tasks in your company, which are standardised. It helps you to upgrade and modify your working according to change in the products and services of the company through a simple program. It removes the need of constant training and upgradation of skills of human workforce. But, one factor needs to be considered that Sales and service bots can handle only simple tasks and are unable to take care of complex tasks that require human interaction.

Role of a Sales and Service bot

Sales and service bots are deployed by a business to help take care of standardised tasks related to sales and service. These tasks are repetitive in nature and do not require any out of the box thinking. There are some questions which have standardised answers and do not require the customer to be connected to the company representative. In such a situation the chat bot will interact with the customer, offer them answers to standard queries and if it cannot resolve the query then only direct it to the human representative of your company.

On the other side, a sales and service bot can automatically track every lead that a company generates from various mediums. Thereby, assuring that it is followed up in a timely manner. This frees up the time of human work force which can be spent concentrating on other crucial matters.

Key features of our Sales and Service bot

Sales and service bots are based on advanced algorithms where they not only handle the standard queries of customers deftly, they can also understand the tone of the customer and direct them to the human representatives if they start getting irritated. Some of the key features of our sales and service bots are as follows

  • - Always on duty 24x7, 365 days a year. No holidays or off-days
  • - Use artificial intelligence to understand and reply to a query
  • - Parameters can be easily upgraded or adjusted
  • - Complete flexibility according to the specific requirements of a business
  • - Easily direct the customer to a human representative for assistance required
  • - Follow up on leads generated and tracking them
  • - Free up your personnel for other important tasks
  • - All decisions are objective based and free from human bias

Benefits of our Sales and Service bot

With our AI powered sales and service bot, your business stands to gain immense benefits of this highly dynamic solution that we have developed after years of hard work and dedication. Some of the most significant benefits that you enjoy with our sales and service bots are:

  • - 24 x 7 availability
  • - Minimizes requirement of human resources for standard operations.
  • - Helps in reducing your recurring costs.
  • - No need of organizing any sales and raining program.
  • - No need of organizing any sales and raining program.
  • - AI based platform that works within the parameters defined by you.
  • - Follow up on each and every lead, increasing the conversion chances.
  • - Patiently handle all questions from customers without annoying them.
  • - Eliminates the factor of language spoken and accent used by customers

How we can help you excel

We have been working in the field of Chat Bot development for the last many years. With our expertise, we have helped numerous businesses successfully implement the chat bot solutions and reap various advantages. Our chat bots go through rigorous testing before deployment, to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience. Our post-deployment services ensure that your bot continues to perform the tasks diligently without any issues. Your business stands to gain immensely from the expertise of our coders and developers, who are working round the clock to resolve your questions and queries.

If you also want to avail the numerous advantages offered by our sales and service bots, then get in touch with our team at +1-619-309-4653 or drop an email at [email protected] . We are more than willing to partner with you in your journey to success.

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