Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Boost Your Team’s Performance with Implementing Salesforce Wave

In today’s world, the need for big data, analytics, and overall quick and precise business decision making is a must. Equally important is having access to the necessary tools that help organizations make good decisions based on sound data, and

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Today is the Future You Saw Yesterday – Salesforce Lightning

As a business professional, I am quite proficient in my work area that is strategizing & marketing. Which involves field work and meeting people to solve business challenges. When it comes to working in IT related tasks to grow the

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Top 3 Reasons Small Businesses Make An App – and How They Win?

A small business owner is hesitant to invest in new processes or new technology because the whole concentration is to increase the sales and make a brand. But in the heat of growing the business further, at times, founders forget

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Native vs Hybrid Mobile App

Native or Hybrid Mobile Apps? Decide with Right Approach!

Building App is exciting that makes a business more approachable and responsive. There are some crucial backend decisions to be made before going for its front outlook. Deciding between Native and Hybrid App decides the future of business. Like Facebook

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Mobile App – Building It in Time and Within Cost

Connect to People to Generate Business Having very little time in hand, we as a customer, prefers to do every task on the phone. For an audience, it is morning newspaper, for housewives, it is an easy way to purchase

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Mobile Apps: A Changing Face of Schools

Mobile apps have been getting increasing attention across the globe for their usefulness and credit of connecting people easily and quickly. Now these apps are highly popular among the people of almost all age groups for meeting their desired purposes

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7 Brilliant Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

With people spending more than half of their total time spent on digital media on mobile apps and more than 42% of the total sales generated by leading e-commerce merchants coming from mobile apps, it is not hard to predict

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4 Key Benefits of IT Outsourcing to India for Your Business

If you need to increase your firm’s productivity level, outsourcing some tasks to Indian IT outsourcers is the way to go. In fact, India has 2.8 million people working hard in the outsourcing sector. Moreover, India’s annual revenue from outsourcing

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Apple Pay – The Online Payment Rockstar!

Buying online has become common trend nowadays where people can buy anything by comparing price through multiple vendors and get the product at right price in single click. Though earlier paying through online stores and apps has never been easier

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The Rise of the Wearables: All about Building Apps for Smartwatches

As mobile technology grows in various forms, we are not only limited to smartphones and tablets anymore — here comes the smartwatches. Although these wearable technologies haven’t completely replaced our handsets, it is gradually garnering a strong following. Statista’s report,

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