Play with ANT: Salesforce Migration Tool

The Migration Tool is a command-line utility based in Java Ant. It is helpful in moving metadata, code, objects and schema between a Salesforce org and local directory. The ANT Migration Tool is particularly useful in the scenarios as:

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Salesforce CRM vs Other CRM – User’s Experience & Reviews

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software(s) have created a lot of buzz in the business world. CRM software manages varied business processes, data and information, and factors such as marketing, sales, customer support, feedback, vendors and various necessary reports. It takes

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Things to Consider While Hiring A Salesforce Administrator

Who is a Salesforce Administrator? A Salesforce Administrator is a person who administers and manages an organization or any similar set-up. When a particular release has to be made for the production, lies within the responsibility of an Administrator. Why

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Let Our Zoho Developers Help You Build Your Business

There are millions of businesses that we have today, but why only a few of them are successful? Did you ever think about that? While a lot do, but still many fail to figure this out. It’s not like that

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5 Tips for Safe & Sound Mobile Apps Development (Infographic)

The world of mobile apps is fascinating and extremely delightful. However, there are always two sides to the same coin. Though this world is amazing but it also is a minefield where hacking and information security is always a challenge.

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Irresistible Mobile App Design Trends For 2016!

Design thinking has undergone a sea change in the past few years with the proliferation of new operating systems, new devices and a newer set of audiences that are embracing technology for the first time in developing world. Those who

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customer service

How GPS Based Mobile Apps Changed the Transportation Industry?

Gone are the days when transportation was a matter of chance and you could only pray to the almighty to get your goods delivered safely. With the advent of GPS based mobile apps, you no longer have to worry about

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GPS based fleet mobile apps

Benefits of GPS Based Mobile App for Fleets and Trucks

GPS based mobile app for tracking are significantly beneficial for businesses that rely on fleet trucks to provide their services to customers. This technology helps you gain complete control over the operation, making you aware of the best routes of

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Bridging the gap between CRM and Email: One new innovation at a time!

It is now more than vital to bridge the gap between CRM and email through high technology as most sales people want instant connectivity with CRM. A global leader in CRM applications, the Salesforce has unleashed a new innovation that

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7 Essentials Elements to Consider Before Choosing A CRM

CRM, an acronym for customer relationship management, and is the most critical process of any organization looking to drive growth through product sales or service delivery. CRM is the life-line of corporations and can deliver superior insights about daily operations

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