7 Essentials Elements to Consider Before Choosing A CRM

CRM, an acronym for customer relationship management, and is the most critical process of any organization looking to drive growth through product sales or service delivery. CRM is the life-line of corporations and can deliver superior insights about daily operations

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ibeacons apps

Challenges, Process & Tips to Build An iBeacon App Development

An iBeacon is a technology developed by Apple which alerts Mobile Apps regarding your location and allows them to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world and react accordingly. It uses Bluetooth low energy signal which can be

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apple pay

Scope & Trends of Apple Pay in 2016 – Everything You Need to Know

Gone are the days of swiping credit cards for purchasing things. With the advent of Apple Inc.’s mobile payment service, you can make contactless payments using your mobile phone. Now, your card can sit back in your wallet, thanks to

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how to protect app idea

How You Can Protect Your App Idea from Being Stolen?

Entrepreneurial ingenious ideas tell us about different and astonishing success tales. The Technological world is demanding new solutions in the form of mobile applications or websites or e-commerce that can actually prove very useful for the novice users. Technology has

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Want To Know About Salesforce Data Migration? Read This! – Guest Post

It is very important for a company to maintain a positive relationship with their customers. Not only does this help to increase revenue, but it also creates a good brand image for the company. One of the ways in which

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promote your game app

12 Strategies To Promote Your Game App – Guest Post

Mobile technology has taken the whole world by storm. It has been seen that the average time spent by individuals on their phones excluding voice content has gone up by almost five times in the last few years. This dramatic

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localize your mobile app

The Role of “App Localization” in Mobile App Development Process

Localisation of an app is needed for addressing to audiences located all over the world. The entire world is big. Care has to be taken to see whether the app developed is meeting the criteria of the entire world audience

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mobile app development cost

A Real Cost Evaluation of Mobile App Development – Your Personal Manual

A Guide for Entrepreneurs to Understand Intricacies of Mobile App Development This generation has witnessed hundreds of Apps launching everyday, in likely every industry whether it is in event, food, medical, education, service or anything you can think of. Both stores

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Social media communication concept

5 Effective Ways to Promote Mobile App with Social Media

Social media marketing is a fast growing marketing platform for online marketing endeavors. It gives you better opportunities to understand the potential market and strategies for different campaigns. Social media is an incredible chance to get valuable exposure for your

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geo-fencing for business

How Geofencing Drives Traffic To Your Business?

With the advent of technology, mobile phone usage is skyrocketing and mobile marketing strategies are on the rise as well. Geofencing is an effective way to control the mobile trend to grow or drive traffic to your business. However, Geofencing

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