Latest Trends in Mobile App Development

Just like anything else, Mobile Apps also evolve with time. And it’s extremely important from a developer’s point of view to keep updating his App Development Skills. A developer must be following the latest trend and learning the desired technologies

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Thinking of Drupal for your next Portal Check out the things you should know_Signity

Thinking of Drupal for Your Next Portal? Check Out the Things You Should Know

Drupal is one of the most comprehensive CMS systems available. The script has a specific coding environment that has proved that it could graduate from being just a regular CMS script to a programmer’s platform. The open source script has

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All You Got To Know About Salesforce LoT Cloud And Thunder

We live in a connected world. Thanks to the rise of smart technology, we have now become part of the world where our devices are getting smarter and things have become a lot more convenient than ever. Whether it is

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Avoid these 4 Common Mobile App Development Disasters

The unprecedented growth of technology has opened new avenues of mobile app development. With 64% of people’s mobile time spent on apps, it has become critical for businesses to include a well-built app within their organization. In fact, a study

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A Closer Look on Salesforce Lightning: What’s New for Developers?

Salesforce – the name in itself is enough to entice the interest of someone involved in the IT and Tech industry. Salesforce CRM has made quite an impact in the industry, capturing approximately 20% share of this $26 billion industry.

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The Seven Big Things to know from Salesforce Summer '17 Release

The Seven Big Things to know from Salesforce Summer ’17 Release

Generally, summer means that time of the year when the sun is shining bright, the temperatures are soaring high and it is time to indulge in poolside activities while enjoying ice creams. But for people who have even the slightest

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6 best practise to overcome from mobile app usability issues

6 Best Practices to Overcome from Mobile App Usability Issues

The issue of mobile app usability is a big concern for businesses today. The users expect a seamless mobile app experience. Right from onboarding to checkout, there should absolutely be no glitches. In this context, usability plays a critical role

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Save Yourself All the Trouble – Outsource PHP Developers in India

We live in a connected world. Thanks to the technological advancement made by us over the recent past, it won’t be wrong to say we have managed to transform the world into a global village, where the sharing of information

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e-Commerce store app development-signity (1)

Must-Have Features to Make Your E-commerce Store App Development Successful

In the words of Thomas Hessun, the VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research, mobiles are not only emerging as a digital hub but are also bridging the gap between physical worlds. Hence, apart from affecting your digital operations, mobile

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why choose swift for ios app development- SignitySolutions

Why Should You Go with Swift for iPhone App Development?

The launch of iPhone in 2007 changed the way the smartphone industry worked. Its unique approach and innovative techniques have always given it a competitive edge over its competitors. With one of the most loyal user base globally, iPhone acquires

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