5 Latest Chatbot Design Trends in 2019

January 11, 2019

The biggest challenge in front of any technology is to stay relevant. In the present age, we witness constant upgradation and latest innovations. However, one of the most significant innovations in the last few years is Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning or AI has become popular with various industries. Businesses are also trying to incorporate AI in various operations to leverage its advantages. Results have been overwhelming with an increase in efficiency as well as reduction in costs. One of the most popular and successful applications of AI is Chatbots. Chatbot development companies are ensuring that businesses can deploy bots to replace humans. Moreover, as per a recent survey by Oracle, 80% of brands expect to deploy chatbots in the next three years.

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But many users are expressing disappointment with chatbot development. This is because technology is not meeting their expectations. As is the case with every other technology, users are now demanding more from chatbots. They want improvements in Chatbot designs to make them more efficient. One may choose the best chatbot development company to meet the requirements. The experts are also making sure that there are regular improvements in the chatbots.

Latest Chatbot Design Trends in 2019


Chatbot development services providers need to understand a basic fact. That being chatbots cannot be universal. Every business has different needs and expectations. Therefore, the bot development strategy should take this fact into account. They need to make sure that the bot meets specific organizational goals.

Here are the latest chatbot design trends in 2019. These trends will drive the development of chatbots in the future. So, all developers must consider these chatbot development trends while designing chatbots in 2019.

1. Personalization: 


Humans are social animals. That is the reason we seek personal touch in our conversations. Moreover, we want someone to talk to us and offer a solution to our problems. It helps form a bond between the users and the organization. In 2019, we will see chat bots becoming more person-like. They will not be giving pre-defined answers. Instead, they will understand the context of the conversation. Then lead with a suitable response. Giving a personality to chatbots is going to reduce redundant conversations. It will make them more meaningful and human-like.

2. Contextualization:


Offering pre-programmed answers is a thing of the past for Chatbots. They will now be able to understand where and when the conversation is taking place. This context will now help them get an insight into the requirements of the user. This will help customer care bots effectively engage the users. Therefore, pushing up the success ratio and reducing the frustration levels of users.

3. Specialized Chatbots:


Designing one chatbot for meeting all requirements is not possible. Designers have to factor-in all types of situations the chatbot will face. In the upcoming year, we will see the development of specific chatbots. These chatbots will be able to efficiently answer, questions in bulk. Thus. it will reduce the response time.

4. Chatbot development for the website: 


We will see more businesses opting for AI sales chatbots on their websites. It will allow them to engage the customers effectively. Businesses will have better control over their essential functions, such as marketing, customer engagement and many more.

5. Automated call centers:


The rapid progress in NLP will pave the way for automated call centers. They will have in-depth knowledge of their domain. Helping them have a conversation with customers. These call centers will work round the clock and thus, offer instant answers to customers.

However, chatbots for businesses will evolve in the upcoming year. We will see more acceptability for chatbots across businesses. In around eight years, the chatbot market is going to cross the level of US $ 1.2 billion. Also, the average growth would be around 24% on a yearly basis.

Must have Design components in the UX

Design Components for Chatbot Development

AI Chatbots are being touted to be the driving force for businesses in the next year. Thus, they must incorporate useful design components. These components will make them easier to use. Here are the primary design components for chatbot development that must be present in a chatbot: –

– Rating Buttons will help you understand the experience that customer had with the bot. It will identify features that users like. It will also provide improvement guidelines.

– Typing Indicator will help in providing a personal experience. When the user can see the typing indicator, he/she will understand that they are talking to a human.

– Response buttons will help the users share their experiences. It also eliminates the chances of miscommunications and allows for sharing of experiences.

– Welcome notification will help the user feel welcome. It will also set the tone for the conversations. A relevant welcome message helps in forming expectations that a user can experience.

– Failure alert will help the users understand if they are doing something wrong. Thus, it will make sure that the mistake is not repeated.


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All in all, it is a foregone conclusion that chatbots are only going to become smarter. Developers are making sure that chatbots are more capable and intuitive. Are you looking for a high-performance chatbot for your business? Then your quest ends with Signity Solutions. We are one of the most prominent names in software development companies in India. Our team has been helping clients from all over the world. We meet your expectations from a chatbot. Get in touch with us now and let us take care of all your chatbot requirements. Contact us now.

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