Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to human jobs?

December 31, 2018

In this era of innovations, the world is growing and so are the discoveries in technology advancing. With innovations, new technologies are born like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. These new inventions then advance the course of work that is being done in businesses and in general.

Moreover, these inventions have opened up businesses for many who now offer artificial intelligence services and more. But the question is that, does the revolution in technology impact the shift in employment also? As in, are there people who have lost their job in the process?

Artificial Intelligence Services: Understanding the Scenario

There’s no question that Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning (ML) will change the way we live or the way work. “The question isn’t if, it’s how and when.”

AI Services: The Background

As a matter of fact, there was an Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. Due to this, there was a transition where the process of manufacturing was characterized by new inventions. Moreover, this not only increased efficiency in the business front but has also provided higher outputs. Other than that, it has enhanced systems of banking, communication, and transportation.

In short, the Industrial Revolution did not only improve but also took certain essential sacrifices. The development and change destroyed traditional jobs, but it did its work in creating new ones. Moreover, the usual standard that we are accustomed to living in is due to the discoveries of the modern industry.

These marvels were derived through the help of the technology of the Industrial Revolution. And they have done the work of taking the world to a whole new level. If seen from the perspective of the short term, it was a difficult transition towards tech in the industrial revolution. But if the long-term aspect is considered, it was worth it.

Artificial Intelligence Services:  Revolution of the 21st Century

Marked with artificial intelligence, short-term pain for long-term gain holds a true statement for the 21st century. Unlike the grueling pattern changes in employment due to the industrial revolution, our generation is now witnessing something better. It is also the reason why you can find many  AI development companies around you helping grow your business. The transition with artificial intelligence services will and has already made a more significant way towards an improved living standard.

Does that mean artificial intelligence is a possible threat to human employment?

No, it is not!

Yes, you heard it right, in all this, the jobs haven’t been reduced. It is just that traditional jobs are not more there. On the other hand, tech jobs are growing where people are looking for candidates for their AI development companies.

The following would explain better how the future of work will be changed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning:

Business Automation Services

The term “technological unemployment” was found by John Maynard Keynes long ago in 1930. Technological unemployment was described merely as the loss of jobs due to the advances in automation and other technologies.

A prediction was made that about 47% of the jobs that exist today can be automated easily in the coming few decades. This was done by an Oxford University research that was carried out in 2013 by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne.

Moreover, the research has 702 occupational groupings, and there we have all the available jobs in the various groups. They were grouped into routine or non-routine and either analytic/interactive or manual categories.

Furthermore, the groups’ for easier automation were those jobs that had the same tasks. The tasks in question here are the ones that go for execution once in a day, a month, or even a year such as production logistics, data entry, etc.

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In addition to this, some jobs require more attention and creative responses to every different scenario. These jobs were and are likely to be non-automated. Similarly, the jobs that are manual and involve the use of hands can go for automation such as cleaning and painting. Those that essentially require cognitively high and excellent social skills have less chance of going the automation way.

These jobs include marketing professionals persuading you to buy their products and so on. Moreover, jobs like social media personalities, empathetic medical professionals and relationship managers also cannot go for automation.

In short, we still have many jobs in the secure category. And for the processes that have become automated with business process automation services, it has opened new maintenance or so jobs for the latest technology.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs – Creation of New Jobs

Moving ahead, the introduction of artificial intelligence services will help take away the standardized tasks. There are standard tasks that are repetitive and require less of the human cognitive mind through robotics. And with AI and the many machine learning companies in India, these regular jobs will create a new path for the jobs. These jobs would have no-routine, not be complex and challenging. Moreover, they will have the foundation of education and a set of new skills.

As mentioned above, this would bring in new jobs again.

So, jobs have emerged through this. These jobs include being an SEO content expert, being a Youtube Blogger or even a creative professional. All these jobs that were unheard of in the old times will be up for grabs now as they emerge more and more. The innovation and the development of new technology will carve a new way for individuals.

Further, these people would want to spend most of their waking or working hours for other things they like — things that include their hobbies, community services, and volunteering. In short, this would be while they leave behind the regular mundane routine works for the robots with the help and support of an AI-based Chabot development company.

The Negative Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs

With all the good things that automation and the artificial intelligence companies would offer, there would be bad too. In short, the inequality between the highly skilled and low skilled workers will have a drastic increase due to artificial intelligence. The ones with access to higher knowledge and the highly skilled will always gain an edge on the new opportunities.

This would be due to their skill adoption and advancements in education. The low skilled workers will be in dazzling condition with the development as they will have to adapt to it. Moreover, they would also need time to adjust to the limited resources and skills required. One other inequality that would come is the increasing gap between the workers and the owner itself.

The typical customer queries will be answered by customer care chatbots controlled by machine learning consulting. Moreover, robots and artificial intelligence services will take care of all the routine work. This will eventually lead to layoffs, and the owner will gain higher margins for profits and increased revenue. Though this is good for the owners, this would be bad for the employees.

This is so because the profit share that was in use to pay employees’ salaries will now find use in buying machines. And these machines will not have excuses or need any medical leave on a working day. Moreover, the machines would not even demand higher pay and overtime payments.

All in all, the owner will have all the benefits, while the employees would be pushed away. This is unless the employee has the technical skills needed. Because there will be no more requirement of the traditional workers.

Artificial Intelligence Services – A Job Creator

Getting back to what we were talking about; artificial intelligence is creating more jobs than it is taking. Moreover, this is according to a report from an advisory firm Gartner and global research. Surprised? Well, it has been said that by 2025,  AI consulting services will have ought more jobs. These jobs would not only be the tech-friendly job profiles. There would also be jobs for data scientists and software engineers.

AI has introduced over 2 million jobs to date. In the future, we will see the rise of the jobs of analytic mentors and allied ones. These would include jobs such as Artificial Intelligence trainers. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence-powered robots would not focus on replacing human workers. In short, it would help to make them more efficient at work.

The main work would be to assist humans to perform jobs properly and not compete against each other. One excellent example of this is when the employees have the right to fixing the problems. Let us talk about the requirement of critical thinking that will help to improve the overall customer experience.

When robots will perform all the tedious regular tasks, the thought of workers comes into play. It is the worker that can handle the customers and not the robots. By the way, the tedious job of the robot includes the entire product line searching for the defective and damaged pieces.


In short, the potential of AI is yet unexplored. But, AI development companies together with human intelligence will certainly conceive wonders. They are working towards creating a revolutionary change in the standards of living currently. And well, this technology is not taking up jobs but providing better job opportunities. It is just reducing the regular jobs and replacing them with technically skilled ones.

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Ashok Sharma

Ashok Sharma

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Ashok Sharma

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