JavaScript: How it is Becoming the 'Everything' of Software Development

 JavaScript: How it is Becoming the 'Everything' of Software Development

JavaScript was created in a short span of 10 days by Brendan Eich who was then working at Netscape. It is a high-level, object-based, multi-paradigm, interpreted programming language. Besides HTML and CSS, it is the third core languages of World Wide Web

But JavaScript, however, wasn’t taken seriously and didn’t gain much of interest from developers at that time because they were quite buggy in its early stage.

But now after substantial development and adoption by companies like Microsoft, it has become literally the “Everything of Software development”. And here are the reasons why:

JavaScript is Easy to Learn

JavaScript is one of the top choices for coders to learn and implement because of its easy documentation which is closer to English.

As JavaScript comes installed on literally every web browser, you don’t have to download the Software and figure out how to use them. You can use text editors like Notepad and start developing and creating interactive website elements.

JavaScript is Relatively Faster

JS is executed on the client side. That means, instead of the code being executed and processed on the dedicated server side, it is executed on the user’s processor. As a result of that, it saves transmission data going back and forth between server and web browser and hence is relatively faster than other programs.

The tasks are also completed almost instantly on the browser making a wonderful on-site experience for the user.

This is quite vital for web developers as they work under pressure of making the website as interactive as possible and at the same time make it as faster as possible.

It is Easy to Function and Implement

JavaScript is everywhere and doesn’t need a different language for the different purpose. For example, JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB is all you need to develop web applications.

AngularJS is for front-end development, Node.js for the back-end, and MongoDB is for databases. So you don’t have to have skills of different programming languages for different purposes, and you can even hire one developer who can look after all the web development.

It is the only web programming language that runs on front-end and back-end. This features explicitly distinguishes itself from other programming languages.

While, as evident by the above points, JavaScript has so many advantages, it does come with its own limitations. For example, as JavaScript is executed on the client’s servers, malicious virus codes can exploit the data and make the user’s computer vulnerable. It may also lead to errors. Thus there are some security issues while dealing with JS.

JavaScript codes also face problem while running on browsers as different layout engines may interpret JavaScript incorrectly or may not support them at all. This will lead to users not being able to use some JavaScript functionalities.

With continuous development, these problems are expected to get resolved in the near future.

But the advantages that JavaScript offers clearly outnumbers its disadvantages hence is used by many developers around the world.

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