How to Overcome Biggest Property Management Challenges

How to Overcome Biggest Property Management Challenges

Owning a property is of a great benefit, especially when it is one of the sources of income, either by renting it out as a dwelling place or business location. However, like most of the businesses, property management also comes

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5 ways cryptocurrency can change the way businesses run

5 Ways Cryptocurrency Can Change the Way Businesses Run

Today, cryptocurrencies are a well-known entity. In the last few years, their demand has witnessed a tremendous growth. With a market cap of $425 billion, cryptocurrencies are all set to change the landscape of commerce. In reality, what’s making these

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Use of Voice bots for handling client queries

Use of Voice bots for Handling Client Queries

The last few years have seen the advent of chatbots in the field of customer services and support. Where once was a human customer support agent, there is now a software that simulates the human interaction. Chatbots can field client

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Tips to write winning dialogue for Conversational UI

Tips to Write Winning Dialogue for Conversational UI

With the advent of ever-changing digital technologies, the competition is getting tougher every day. Companies are trying new and innovative techniques to stand out from the competition. The creativity and innovation at its peak. Conversational UI or chatbots are the

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BI and Big Data Consulting Partners

What to Look for in your BI and Big Data Consulting Partners?

As a business owner, it often gets hard to decide whether something new is right for your company or not. Taking from the similar attitude, sometimes businesses accrue substantial losses because of hesitancy to implement new technology in business operations.

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4 Major Benefits of Enterprise Search Implementation

This is a Guest post originally shared by Amit Dua, CEO of Signity Solutions at Enterprise search is the means of making various enterprise resources searchable to a defined audience. These resources are turned into searchable content through a software

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iOS based Biometric Local Authentication

Enterprise Search Application in Data Mining

Enterprise search is the field of making any type of content searchable on an enterprise platform such as the intranet and a database. The word ‘enterprise search’ is commonly used to explain a software that is utilized for searching an

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Get Your Chatbots to Work and Make Money

This is a Guest post originally shared by Amit Dua, CEO of Signity Solutions at YourStory. “Monetizing chatbots is not only a possibility today, it is also becoming a necessity. Companies need to understand what works for them and use it

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Role of Smart Contracts in reducing Supply Chain Wastage

A supply chain can be a cumbersome process. It requires deliveries to happen on time. It may take days for a payment to be completed between the supplier and the manufacturer, or a customer and a vendor. There are always

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Deciding Between Web Apps and Native Apps

This is a Guest post originally shared by Amit Dua, CEO of Signity Solutions at    In 1994, IBM’s Simon was the first ever smartphone in the world. A far cry from the present version of iPhone or Android

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