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10 Signs that your business needs CRM integration

Most small to medium sized businesses ignore the need for CRM integration. They think they can manage the business with emails, spreadsheets, or a traditional contact management system. This mentality can very well destroy your business. If you have just

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Micropayments: Cryptocurrencies To Be The Go-To Money

While the world has joined the bandwagon of online shopping and electronic payments, there is something else that is holding back online transactions. The prime focus on using cryptocurrencies was to create an alternative currency that was capable of replacing our

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Leverage E-commerce Chatbot to Boost your Sales

  Behind every e-commerce website, there is a sophisticated line of processes, such as promotions, payments, tech support, customer service, logistics, and market research. E-commerce businesses have to address two main tasks – Catering Millennial preferences while keeping their eyes

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Can AI Change The Way We Order Food?

Research from the RedSeer group shows that the Indian online food delivery market is set to hit $4 Billion by 2020. This is sparked by the demand growth on one side and the technology advancements on the other. AI has

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Blockchain Technology Solutions Powering New Search Engine Tools

Clearly, it can be perceived that there is a need for fresh blood in the search engine sector. Not only for the sake of innovation but also to adhere to a sense of choice to the consumers. Taking the example

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Digital Money: Can it be the next paradigm shift for your Money?

It’s critical to have the right approach when we review digital money for enterprise adoption. Globally, the market is growing at CAGR of 13% with the total transaction value in the digital payments domain exceeding US$3,952,706m in 2019. In India,

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Is Outsourcing CRM software services an effective strategy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a great way of maintaining a healthy and friendly relationship with existing, new and prospective customers. In addition, it even helps a company strategically by enhancing its productivity while improving customer satisfaction. In short, it

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7-Tips-Increase-Mobile-App-Downloads-SignitySolutions Yes, you have done it! You have finally built your mobile app. You mark your checklist, starting with a Great Design Subtle App icon Successful Testing on every platform Rightfully Exploring your niche Knowing about your competition After this, you take a sigh of relief and wait for the downloads. You open your analytics and find there is no download. No one wants to download your app! If this is the problem, do not fear, most of the mobile application development company and owners are facing the same issue. If you have an app that is correctly developed, you can make the downloads happen. And once you have a significant number of downloads, you’ll be able to make some real money. But for all the minting, it takes a little effort and the right tactics to bring your app to the attention of the masses. So, before you learn about the tricks you first need to know how apps are downloaded in the first place. About App Store Optimization (ASO) The very first thing that you need to know is about how app stores work. App store optimization is a bit different from Search Engine Optimization. They both are very similar but ASO has a greater impact that SEO has on Google. App Store Optimization increases the visibility of your app in the marketplace. The higher it ranks, the more users will find your app when they search. ASO also helps you in determining whether the user will download your app or not. There are some aspects that affect your App Store Optimization. Positive Reviews- The number of positive reviews in your app, the higher the rating will be. When a user ranks app high, it will also be ranked highly on the App Store, improving the number of downloads. Keyword relevance- Apps consisting of popular keywords, title, and description, has more download. Country- Regional success can influence your ranking. Backlinks- Backlinks done on relevant pages can help in improving app rankings. Retention- The number of people who uninstall your apps vs the number of who keep it within 30 days also have effects on the rankings. So, in order to maintain a retention level, make efforts towards your target audience in the app description. All the above-listed factors are, thus, always taken care of in the app development process by every major mobility service provider. Additional factors include – Revenue Social Proof Localized Product Page Icon App Stats App Name Screenshots Installs per Keyword Now you know about ASO factors, let’s read about 7 tips that will boost your app downloads. 1. Name and Describe your app properly Create a title and description in a way that when a user reads it, they should know what your product does. So, if you need your app title to stick in your user’s brain, it needs to be unique and appropriate. Another point to keep in mind is that the app store gives you the character limit, but you should only use 25 characters, as the search result shows only those numbers. And your description should consist of – information, benefits, features, and a call-to-action. 2. Marketing the App Setup a marketing budget, don’t be conservative about it. Marketing strategies are the campaign for weeks or even months. But to get a sharp high in your app stats, budget your market spending in a specific time frame. With the right set of digital marketing services, spread your advertising across various channels according to your target audience that can include – App directory sites Social media Websites like Reddit Relevant blogs Email Marketing SMS Marketing You will notice after some time that a lot of traffic will come from organic search, and a lot of downloads will come from your website, to create a website as well. If you need expert Indian techies for enterprise mobility solutions, get in touch with us. 3. Create a subtle and clean Icon Your app is the first thing that a potential user sees, so the icon design of your app should be eye-catching and serves a clear representation of your app. You should keep your app icon straight forward, and not too flashy. Know more about icon designing from our experts. 4. Social Media Reach To put this in simple words, your social media voice must match your app’s personality. Example: if your app is edgy then don’t bore your users with boring business language. And if your app targets young professionals then business speak might suit your audience. The social media platforms that can help you get attention are – Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Pinterest Linkedin But don’t post information that only concerns your brand. Engage with your fans and provide information about your niche industry. If you need assistance in the social media marketing of your app, let our mobile app development agency help you out. 5. Eye-Catching Screenshots and Videos One of the most important aspects of your app description is the collection of the screenshots, videos, and pictures. Screenshots of your app highlight the most important features of your app and will immediately encourage app downloads. Photos from the app are typically what users will look at after the first click on your app. And if you have the necessary tools, you can even design a video of your app. If you do not have specific tools, you can contact a custom web development company for professional editors. 6. Choosing correct Keywords Always remember you should never choose keywords because it has high search results. Any keyword that you chose must be accurate and relevant to your app and target audience. If you will stuff your descriptions with irrelevant keywords, your app will lose your credibility and your downloads will suffer. 7. Aiming at the users It is not only about the number of downloads, but it is also important to know - who, when, where, and how your app is used. In this case, analytics is very important to determine what kind of users want the most out of the app. Big data analytics inform you of the user’s behavior. They are also the key to generate continues downloads. Choose the best mobile application development company! If you want a professional mobility service provider to successfully apply all these tips to your app, think to outsource mobile app development to India, and get in touch our mobile app developers to drive some serious app sales. Talk to our experts today!

7 Tips to Increase your Mobile App Downloads

Yes, you have done it! You have finally built your mobile app. You mark your checklist, starting with a Great Design Subtle App icon Successful Testing on every platform Rightfully Exploring your niche Knowing about your competition After this, you

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5 Trends for 2019 that will shape the future of ERP Solutions.

The business environment in present times has become very complicated. The level of competition is increasing. So are the expectations of customers. This makes essential that businesses use their resources efficiently. This is possible only through the integration of technology

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Tried and Tested Web Development Tools to Increase Visitor Engagement

In the current era, customers prefer to interact with the brand 24×7. It has become crucial for companies to have a strong presence in the digital space. One of the best methods for the businesses to engage the customers is

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