Practical Applications of Customer Service Chatbot

January 22, 2019
Manwinder Singh

Natural language processing and voice-control ensure that technology gets preference in businesses. We are not talking about any human being. This is all about chatbot app development that has taken the market by a storm. Integration of chatbots with various businesses around the world has been very beneficial. Chatbots help them to cut down on different customer care activities costs. Customer service chatbot has proven to be quite efficient as well, providing quite a small margin of error.

As businesses started integration of AI Chatbots, they began providing 24*7 support. These chatbots are algorithms and not humans that will need breaks in their shifts. Combination of chatbots also helps free up agents for other tasks. The customer support of any business that uses the chatbots has improved. Reports suggest that 45% of users prefer to communicate with chatbots rather than talking to a traditional customer service agent. On average, businesses spend $1.3 trillion on 265 billion customer calls every year. All that revenue can be better used with the service calls handling by chatbots. These benefits have enhanced the demand for chatbot development services.

A chatbot development company must identify operations where chatbots can be useful. And make a positive impact on the business’ customer service. Following are a few examples and practical applications of a customer service chatbot. These have proven to be quite productive and profitable for the companies.

Practical Applications: Customer Service Chatbot


Practical Applications of Chatbot

1. Chatbots As Fashion Assistants


When you integrate a chatbot with your customer support, you can get it to do almost anything. Fashion industry entities are using the chatbots to provide service to their customers. These bots help customers with many tasks. Such as choosing products, comparing prices of different products in the same category. And also receive links to the products by typing them out in the chat box. The experience of the customers is improving. Getting the suggestions from a chatbot is twice as fast as the traditional support overcall. Shopping for various products has become fast and straightforward with the integration of ecommerce chatbots.

One such company which has integrated a chatbot within their customer support is from the UK. Dressipi, a company that deals with the leading brands of the world, now offers help to its customers by providing real-time help in selecting the perfect clothes by a few questions that they answer about their preference in style. The chatbot is called Amiya, and it has created a stress-free shopping experience for the people shopping for clothes via Dressipi.

2. Chatbots As Travel Assistants


Another industry which has a lot of public dealing is the travel industry. Daily, people are browsing for the perfect place for a holiday. Many travel agencies have dedicated customer support teams. These teams provide round the clock service to their users. Hoping that they can sell a package with their reference number. Of the many people that are searching for a holiday, many are doing so only to make plans in the future. The representatives who deal with such users are banging their heads against a wall — one that will not move. Hence, to save on the cost, travel businesses who are using travel portal development services have now started integrating AI Chatbots with their systems. There is no extra cost to the company even if 90% of the people are browsing for a holiday.

The chatbots can book flights and hotels, book cabs, and much more. The people who are on holiday do not have to worry about any little thing. Since they will always have the services of a chatbot at their fingertips. With the integration of chatbots with social media, it has become quite more comfortable. You can be on holiday and receive recommendations for the best restaurants around. KLM and American Express have started integration of chatbots with their enterprise mobility solutions. This is to help their customers about the travel recommendations.

3. Chatbots As Healthcare Assistants


The health of a person is a delicate matter. Thus, it is quite essential to have marginal to no error in the algorithm. When you visit any local hospital, you will spend, on an average, 30 minutes to get a consultation from a doctor. This consultation is by the symptoms that you exhibit. Since the chatbots can be conversational, saving a lot of time. Patients can answer a few questions about their symptoms and get a close diagnosis. Customer service chatbots have become a popular demand in the healthcare industry. This is due to the massive advantage of the saving of time and money.

One of the leading examples of chatbots in healthcare is Ada. The program is amongst the fastest-growing apps. It can assess the health of the user based on a list of answers from the user. There is a massive database of various symptoms and their relation to the ailments. Thus, making the results of the application entirely accurate.

The potential of this technology is incredible. There is no denying the fact that the future of online customer care belongs to Chatbots.  This indeed is one of the best AI development services of today and thus, offers immense growth opportunities for bot development companies.

4. Chatbots for Product Recommendations

Chatbots are now being implemented by businesses across all verticals for better client engagement, attract potential customers, and retain customers in the long run.
They can not only solve the customer queries but also personalize recommendations by interacting with the users and analyze their behavior deeply.
As customers are often looking for a better product, recommend are always welcomed once the sale is live.

Your customers get personalized recommendation of the product based on their previous purchase and also according to their wishlist items. This creates a possibility of upselling to the business as well as cross-selling the products.

Closing thoughts: 

Chatbots can deliver a personalized response to the customers, they can also aid data collection that can be deployed in analyzes of consumer behavior, collect customer feedback on the product chats can be used to analyze the sentiment, and Research and Development.

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