Role of Smart Contracts in reducing Supply Chain Wastage

 Role of Smart Contracts in reducing Supply Chain Wastage

A supply chain can be a cumbersome process. It requires deliveries to happen on time. It may take days for a payment to be completed between the supplier and the manufacturer, or a customer and a vendor. There are always middlemen involved who oversee this exchange of goods, services, and payments. These middlemen are often lawyers and banks. Naturally, such service involves an extra cost in the form of fees as well as delay due to the complex processes. As there is so much uncertainty between payments and shipments, supply chain logistics involve a lot of lengthy procedures. This causes wastage of time and goods.

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New technology on the anvil is Blockchain application development and it seems that it is the perfect answer to the woes of a company dealing with supply chain, either as a supplier, a vendor or a service provider. Blockchain Smart Contract development company has come to the rescue with its feature called ‘smart contracts’.

The blockchain technology is what powers the cryptocurrency development services like the Bitcoin. However, the importance of Blockchain does not only lie in being the backbone of Bitcoin. This technology can provide a hackproof method for holding and exchanging payments in supply chain logistics. Thereby increasing speed and reducing wastage.

A smart contract is a special protocol that helps to verify or implement the negotiation or the performance of the contract between 2 parties. They are pre-written logics which are stored and replicated on a distributed storage platform called the Blockchain. The blockchain is run by a network of computers. It is a decentralized technology that gives trustworthy storage as it is not possible to tamper it. The smart contract development can give the user the benefit of mutual trust and fast processing. One can create a smart contract and execute it on the Blockchain platform and get credible transactions. They can serve as multi-signature accounts, so we release the funds only when a required percentage of people agree. They can define the rules of the contract as well as automatically enforce them.

For the supply chain industry, smart contracts have several benefits. It would provide a fool-proof way of honoring contracts between parties while meeting the conditions of the contract. For example, a payment would be disbursed only when the products have been delivered at the desired destinations. Secondly, this would remove the need for a middleman to oversee the transaction. That would free the transacting parties from the extra costs incurred in the process. This will stop wastage of money for both service provider and client. Thirdly, because there is trust factor inherent in the smart contracts mechanism, this means the parties need not spend time in verification and so we have lesser chances of delays. This would curtail wastage of time.

Because of its ability to avoid delays, smart contracts of the blockchain consulting services can stop wastage in the food industry as it can help speed up delivery processes. With the tracking of cargo possible in real-time, they can tell the source location of the product and accordingly keep tabs on its date of expiry etc. Since the data cannot tamper in a blockchain transaction, no one can change delivery and expiry dates and other such important details. As inventory will be better managed, the stocks will have minimum wastage. In case of a bad product, due to accurate tracking, it would be possible to recall the exact batch with the problem and hence it will reduce this accidental wastage of perfectly fine products as well.

Currently, there are large movements of physical documents which hamper the efficiency regarding tracking and theft. It also takes weeks to transfer documents physically not to mention the task of keeping them safe. Smart contracts development bring speed, security, transparency, cost-effectiveness, and tracking to this scenario. Smart contracts will manage the workflow of approvals and automatically transfer payments when it has all the signatures.

A smart contract can execute a pre-defined event when all the needed parameters are fulfilled.  It can be a foundation for the fulfillment of various tasks that reduce wastage of products in industries such as chemicals and drugs, foods, raw materials for processing, etc.

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Smart contract development has the potential to transform the supply chain into a considerably efficient and accurate method of transfer of goods and services. Efficiency will reduce wastage and keep costs in check as well as save time. It will, in essence, free supply chain from one of its major challenges.

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