Salesforce Spring '18 Release - Setting the Expectations Right

 Salesforce Spring '18 Release - Setting the Expectations Right

End of December is exciting for a number of reasons. First one is obvious; it is the beginning of the holiday season which we all cherish. The second reason for the excitement is more confined to the tech community – it is time for the Salesforce Spring Notes release!

Salesforce Spring '18 Release

A few weeks back the notes were released, putting end to all the hype about what to expect and what not to expect in the latest Salesforce update. We’d like to take this opportunity to share the excerpts of the release with you and see what new does Salesforce have in store for us in their latest Spring ‘18 Release.

So, let us begin –

1. Surveys

This comes as a big surprise to many, but the fact of the matter is that Salesforce is going to add surveys in their latest update. The best part is that this feature is expected to come without an added cost. So far you had to rely on third-party integrations for surveys in Salesforce.

The addition of Salesforce surveys is going to be a game changer, as it is going to provide business with the opportunity to gather feedback from the customers quickly, and easily!

2. Custom Themes

Salesforce is not really known for its customizable features. However, with this year’s release, things are going to change a lot. Salesforce is going to give you the option to set customized themes for your account.

From brand image to your brand color, logo and even custom background image along with avatar image – there is so much new and exciting going to be added to the all-new Salesforce Spring’18 Release!

3. LinkedIn Integrations

Going above and beyond in their endeavor to make lead generation easy for businesses, Salesforce is going to bring the much awaited LinkedIn integration in this year’s release. What this will do is make the process of automating lead generation.

The feature will be available in Lightning as well as Classic versions of Salesforce. It is expected to save your marketing quite a number of hours, which were earlier spent tracking the leads across LinkedIn.

4. Data Privacy Preferences (GDPR)

With massive data being pulled in by companies, the need for security and data storage preferences has shot up in recent times. However, Salesforce comes with a big surprise for all the users with the addition of Data Privacy Preferences (GDPR)!

They have added ‘Individual’ object in Salesforce, which allows you to track customer preferences. These preferences could include –

• Collecting and storing their personal data
• Packaging the data
• Deleting records as and when needed
• Location tracking
• Tracking web activity
• Product and service solicitation

And, lot more!

5. Reactive Dupe Management

Another big surprise waiting for all the tech enthusiasts in the Spring 2018 Release is the option to create duplicate jobs. Creating duplicate jobs in Salesforce has always been a pain. So, the tech giants thought of bringing this pain to end.

The cloud experts promise to come up with Duplicate Jobs in their future release, making it easy for you to report, view and merge duplicates in the blink of an eye! This is going to make the Salesforce experience better than ever!

There you have it – highlights of the much-hyped Salesforce Spring ’18 Release Notes. These were just the most promising new features that you can expect to get in the release. As always, there is going to be a lot more than this as expected. For that, we will need to wait and watch for the actual release.

The notes have painted a really beautiful picture of how Salesforce is trying to make life easy for organizations by simplifying their customer interactions. Let’s just wait and watch what the future has in store for us!

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Ritika Jatana Suneja