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We build chatbots that revolutionize your business

In this new era, AI chatbots are performing exceptionally well. They not only save your time and efforts by automating the repetitive tasks but, also helps you to get rank high and increase the productivity of your business. It not only engages the user but also acts as an initiator, execution and reporting handling tool. The main essence lies in its sturdiness, swiftness, and reliability.


Chatbots are advancing very fast and are looked upon as a higher version of a self sufficient alternative for mobile app as a client engagement tool. The paradigm shift is so massive that within next decade Chatbots are expected to establish themselves as a 24x7 backup for human counterparts.

We at Signity Solutions, develop and deploy Industry specific chatbots that aim at solving the real business challenges. We have the best chatbot developers in the industry.

We have a Bot for every niche

Your digital assistant takes care of your customers:
  • Bots master context and content across conversations, so the customer feels heard and understood. Your customers can always get assistance when and where they need it.
  • They are multi-lingual and pro-active. Hence, reduce customer frustrations and increase brand loyalty.
  • With these intelligent virtual customer assistants, you can offer personalized self-service to customers.
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Keep your focus on business dynamics and let our Bot take care of the rest :
  • Give your visitors a personalised experience.
  • Bots can answer all the pre-purchase queries like price, shipment, product description and more.
  • They can even be programmed to assist the users during re-visits and cart clearance.
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Bot can do monotonous tasks while your focus on client engagement:
  • Bots are great at analysing and projecting trend based data.
  • Chatbots can assist in marketing the message and collecting the feedback.
  • Bots are great at notifying the customers about the new offers based on their behaviour.
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Let the bots take care of the reporting while your team works on the value addition:
  • Chatbots can handle supply chain queries.
  • It notifies the shipment movement alerts and keeps real time inventory.
  • Chatbots can assist in most of the tasks like generating order queues, purchase orders and analytic reports.
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Marketing-Bot -Signitysolutions
Customer delight with 24x7 assistance with Chatbots:
  • The bots offer 24×7 real-time interactions irrespective of location and time-zone of candidates.
  • They can handle queries from multiple candidates simultaneously.
  • They help in keeping the candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process.
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A bot for handling admin queries:
  • Bots can execute all rule based, frequently occuring structured tasks.
  • Can deliver assistance in training and maintaining the workflow instructions.
  • Bots can set schedule, remind and maintain the minutes of meetings.
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Tools We Use For Chatbot Development

  • IBM-Watson-Signitysolutions
  • Microsoft-Azure-Signitysolutions
  • Dialogflow-Signitysolutions
  • Google-Assistant-Signitysolutions
  • Amazon-Lex-Signitysolutions
  • Amazon-Alexa-Signitysolutions

Advantages of Chatbots

Every few months a new mobile app is launched in the market with advanced features that claim to be a game changer in the race. In the end everything comes down crashing because the customer service was not good, the representative was not professional, the customer was put on hold for too long and the list goes on. But not any more, our Chatbots are here to handle it all and much more.

Faster engagement

An AI chatbot is pre-equipped with standard answers and set of questions for spontaneous engagement.

24x7 Availability

A bot is always there on your website, regardless of time or holidays.

Multi-point conversation

A bot can handle multiple enquires at the same time which is challenging for an individual.

Reduced process cost

A chatbot is one time investment with minimal running cost and even less overheads.


Chatbots can be designed to learn based on their previous experience.

Quick and patient

A chatbot is not just quick, it also restricts the human outburst.


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