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Custom ERP/CRM Bots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots are a broad technology initiative for many organizations. The emerging platform has great potential for business applications as it can analyze information from various origins to create efficiencies, improve processes and amplify revenue—all with limited human intervention as technology is evolving at a rather fast pace. Chatbots incorporate legacy systems and use natural language processing to develop real-time information exchanges with users.


What is Custom ERP/CRM bots?

The importance of chatbots for effective customer relationship management (CRM) is paramount. Irrespective of the industry you are in, customers are undoubtedly the most decisive asset for your company. These Custom ERP/CRM bots provide a purpose, direction and clarity to the operations of your company. The key feature of all ERP systems is a shared database, where data from multiple business processes can be stored, updated and accessed by shared business units. This includes some degree of synchronized reporting and automation across departments. Before the development of chatbots, such interactions were labor intensive and a significant cost went into these resources to companies, be it regarding customer support or sales representatives. So, ERP effectively eliminates inefficiencies such as manual processes and disparate databases through reporting and integration. The API economy is perhaps the only way forward in this sector.


Role of a Custom ERP/CRM bot

The process of using a bot differs from searching for information and more. For example, if someone searches for a specific set of information but the bot in turn provides the peripheral and related information with it too which shows increased efficiency. This could lead to quite new ways of solving a business problem. When building chatbot software, domain is of utmost importance. Enough automation behind the bot is necessary for it to pull data from systems and to only ask clients for further clarification when necessary. AI and bots are just starting to influence the ERP space in the industry, but it is a rather powerful way to accurately extend the capabilities of ERP.

Key features of our Custom ERP/CRM bot

Custom ERP/CRM bots are based on advanced algorithms where they not only handle the standard queries of customers deftly; they can also understand the tone of the customer and direct them to the human representatives if they start getting irritated.

Some of the critical features of our Custom ERP/CRM bots are as follows: -

  • Always on duty 24x7, 365 days a year. No holidays or off-days
  • Use artificial intelligence to understand and reply to a query
  • Parameters can be easily upgraded or adjusted
  • Complete flexibility according to the specific requirements of a business
  • Easily direct the customer to a human representative for assistance required
  • Never miss out on any leads
  • Free up your personnel for other important tasks
  • Direct and to the point interaction with customers

Benefits of Custom ERP/CRM bot


Seamless Experience by
Custom ERP/CRM bot

Chatbots respond to queries at a speed which is not possible for humans to match. For simple questions, chatbots can quickly provide relevant answers without much fuss. With the assistance natural language programming (NLP), chatbots can easily connect with your customers and resolve their queries easily.


Innovative Image of
Custom ERP/CRM bot

Chatbots are one of the most popular technological advancement and companies are leveraging these bots for management of complex tasks. Innovation is the need of the hour, and adapting it is paramount. With the use of Custom ERP/CRM bot issues such as communication gap or missing information would be taken care of, thereby saving losses.


Close More Sales because of
Custom ERP/CRM bot

With using chatbots, now the sales representatives can exercise better control over the more significant functions such as conducting meetings with prospective clients and getting more orders for the company, which will give more time to the clients. The chatbot also helps keep a track of entire journey with the customer.

How we can help you excel

By connecting and congregating information from enterprise applications like CRM and ERP through APIs, AI-powered bots can now serve many business-vital scenarios. The range of Custom ERP/CRM bot in the enterprise industry is almost unlimited as it ranges from a more accessible 360 degrees view of the customer to a personal assistant that answers calls and records messages. And we provide you this facility, for you to excel.

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