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RPA in F&A- It’s Economical, Reliable, and better!

A robot FTE works for at least 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year.

  • Eliminate clerical errors and get more done with Robotic Process Automation.
  • Let the bots do the major paperwork. Leave the best bids of business operations for yourself.
  • Automate the financial processes without adding a new layer of systems; save thousands of dollars on upgrading fintech infrastructure
  • Leverage audit trails left by the RPA ‘bots’ to scrutinize all the internal automated financial processes running at all times.

Why Choose Signity’s RPA Services?

Our implementation team is equipped with seasoned technologists, RPA consultants, and business analysts who work together with certified RPA developers to ensure that the solutions are aligned with your organization’s goals.


UiPath Preferred Partner

Technology Partner with UiPath, industry leader in RPA

RPA bots

1.5K+ Bots

Delivered 1.5K+ attended and unattended bots

End-to-end automation

25K+ Hours

Saved more than 25K+ Hours through end-to-end automation

20+ Certified RPA professionals

20+ Certified

A strong team of more than 20+ certified RPA consultants and developers

Facing Time Issues? RPA can help free time and streamline operations

  • Decreased Business Risk

    Be proactive to the changing F&A mandates with quicker, and more accurate reporting.

  • Eliminate Errors

    RPA bots are programmed to cross-check for errors. Less clerical mistakes add to more revenue.

  • Superior Customer Experience

    Instantly tend to the customers’ queries, 7 days a week with RPA in finance.

  • Decreased Business Risk

    Eliminate repetitive work, and free the financial professionals to carry out high-value, strategic tasks.

Save on F&A operational costs with smart automation

Optimize Resource Use

Implement RPA and optimize human resources for maximum efficiency.


Invest in RPA and save up to 30% in general operational costs.

Streamlined Operations

Implement RPA and optimize human resources for maximum efficiency.

Insights and Analytics

Analyze the audit trails, and take decisive actions with minimal error rates.

Implement RPA and achieve great results from your business!

Have a word with our F&A RPA experts to know how RPA can bring success to your business.

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Automate Manual Tasks With RPA


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