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Our CRM Migration Process

At Signity Solutions, we understand that every CRM migration requirement is unique. That’s why we offer a
tailored service experience designed for your specific business requirements. Here's how we do it:


Requirement Gathering & Assessment

We engage with your team to analyze the existing CRM system in place, the data it contains and the migration requirements. After that we share recommendations for backup and cleanup needed prior to data migration.


Defining Migration Approach

With requirements and data analysis, our team defines the ideal approach to migrate your data to the new HubSpot CRM. This includes mapping your existing data to the new system's process, and determining the time-frame for the same.


Testing The Migration

At this stage, we perform a test run of your data on the HubSpot CRM system. This helps us rule out any inconsistencies, validate the migration approach as a whole and apply, if any, additional updates for a successful data migration.


Executing Full Scale Migration

Once the testing is done, we initiate the full scale data migration from your old system to the new HubSpot CRM. As this concludes, your team can brace itself to leverage the most powerful CRM system for your business.

Experience a positive business-wide impact by migrating your system to HubSpot CRM!

Comprehensive HubSpot CRM Migration for Your Website

From website elements and crucial data to key integrations and functionalities, our HubSpot CRM migration plan covers everything.

Data Migration

Data Migration Companies Deals/Orders Tickets/Support Custom Fields Lists & Segments Emails/Communications Forms/Submissions Tasks/To-Dos Notes/Annotations


Email Integrations Marketing Integrations E-commerce Platforms Social Media Integrations Analytics Integrations Calendar/Meetings Data Import Tools File Storage Integrations CRM APIs Workflow Automation Tools


Email Automation Task Automation Lead Nurturing Workflows Sales Pipeline Automation Data Synchronization Event-Based Triggers Scheduled Reports Form Submissions Follow-up Sequences Notification Alerts


Sales Performance Reports Marketing Campaign Reports Pipeline Reports Customer Engagement Reports Lead Generation Reports Activity Reports Revenue Forecasting Support Ticket Reports Custom Data Reports ROI Reports

Why Trust Signity For Your HubSpot CRM Migration?

Seasoned Experts

Seasoned Experts

We have a large pool of seasoned HubSpot CRM Migration experts. With years of versatile experience across diverse domains, they are able to confidently understand and deliver every unique business requirement.

Seamless Migration

Seamless Migration

Guided by their rich and versatile experience, our experts apply standard industry practices to ensure every HubSpot CRM Migration goes through a smooth transition without affecting the data or functionality of existing systems.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

At Signity Solutions, we understand that every HubSpot CRM Migration requirement has its own unique aspects. That's why we strategize and plan a tailored approach that aligns best with your business goals.

Ongoing Support & Assistance

Ongoing Support & Assistance

We believe that every HubSpot CRM Migration is an ongoing process. To ensure you continue to have a seamless experience, we provide support and assistance to your team even in the post-migration phase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind? We are here to answer.

How long does a CRM migration take? icon

Usually, the Timeline for Data Migration & CRM Set Up: 8-12 Weeks

Factors like data volume, customization complexity, and testing influence the timeline. This process includes cleansing and transferring data from the old system to the new one.

Will there be any disruption to my business operations during the migration process? icon

Our goal is to minimize disruptions as much as possible. We carefully plan the migration to avoid significant downtime. Your team will be informed of any scheduled interruptions, and we work to ensure that critical business functions remain operational.

Can you migrate data from my current CRM system to HubSpot CRM? icon

Yes, our migration services are designed to transfer data from various CRM systems to HubSpot.

How do you ensure data accuracy during the migration process? icon

Data accuracy is a top priority for us. We employ thorough data validation processes, conduct pre-migration audits, and perform post-migration checks to ensure that your data is accurately transferred to HubSpot CRM without errors or inconsistencies.

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