Create Experience Rich Customer Journeys

Create Experience Rich Customer Journeys

Build a customized and one-on-one customer experience powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Signity Solutions is a Salesforce Marketing cloud expert, helping businesses in seamless integration & implementation of marketing automation.
We can help you collate customer data collected at POS, Social Media, Email Marketing, Website, and Mobile App to generate a 360-degree view of customer interaction, empowering you to build multi-channel marketing campaigns that deliver personalized customer journeys using powerful tools.

Deliver Omni-Channel, Tailored Customers Experience

From integration to reporting & management, our complete range of services help you automate your marketing operations to the last mile. Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts and creative strategist work together to deliver the first-time-right approach in your salesforce marketing cloud integration and ensure future scalability.
We create a consistent, cohesive customer experience across multiple channels to increase engagement through real-time customer journey personalization.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

Our team of 20+ Salesforce experts provides comprehensive salesforce marketing cloud implementation services. Using marketing cloud connect, we help you align your customer data segmentation with digital marketing campaigns to deliver data-driven personalized conversations with customers.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Migration

With our salesforce expert managing the complete migration of your marketing automation data, including campaigns, email templates, and landing pages, you are sure of seamless execution and absolute data security at all times.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting

Our salesforce marketing cloud consultants help you scope out the marketing automation capabilities of your business. Following Industry standards, we architect data feeds & platform configurations and create robust marketing strategies that deliver high returns.

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Marketing Cloud Audit

Our Salesforce experts conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing Marketing Cloud implementation to identify gaps in automation and provide recommendations to bring your marketing automation to its full potential.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

Streamline your processes to get a 360 view with performance analysis of all your marketing activities. Leverage the Salesforce ecosystem to generate dynamic content and deliver real-time personalization in the customer journey.

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Marketing Cloud Product Customization

We create custom-built marketing automation solutions that help you integrate marketing automation into your existing legacy systems with minimum disruption in your ongoing operations.

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Marketing Cloud Support & Maintenance

With our team of salesforce specialists managing your marketing cloud 24/7, you can be sure your automation is always up and running. We provide end-to-end management and maintenance services to ensure that your automation solution is up-to-date and efficient to deliver maximum ROI.

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Build Interactive UI/UX

Our team of designers and developers helps you create beautiful marketing assets like landing pages, emailers, and push notifications that encourage customer engagement. We practice a mobile-first approach to deliver highly engaging digital marketing assets that guarantee conversions.

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Communication Workflow

Enhance customer engagement by pushing out relevant content to keep the conversation going. We assist in creating data-driven, multi-channel marketing workflows using salesforce products to automate digital advertising, email marketing, push notifications, SMS, etc.,

Optimize performance to gain maximum returns on your investments.

Optimize performance to gain maximum returns on your investments.

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Accelerate Your Growth With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products

Partner with us to get a seamless implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Improve your marketing communications & gain better customer engagement. Being a feature-rich platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is built with capabilities like- a data management platform, content builder, marketing and advertising automation & analytics that provide real-time customer insights to empower your business expansion.

Journey Builder

Optimize your customer life cycle management by creating customer journeys based on their interaction data collected at different touchpoints. Understand the progression steps before conversions to build persuasive relationship stages comprising customer reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty. Journey builder lets you personalize your interaction with your customers in real-time by inputting their needs, desires, preferences, demography & behavior.

Journey Builder
Email Studio

Email Studio

Create and send personalized emails to your customers with Email Studio, a powerful tool that empowers you to run innovative, optimized & automated email campaigns on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This no-code solution allows you to create emails, build drip workflows, and segment customers into specific audiences to deliver tailor-made messaging. With Email Studio, you can build event-driven triggers that lead to conversions.

Data Studio

Marketing Cloud Data Studio is a premium & transparent data sharing platform that connects you to authentic sellers with verified data for audience building. Discover new & high-quality audiences at scale to grow your business. Or unearth deep insights about your existing targeted audience with powerful audience discovery tools.
Data Studio
Social studio

Social studio

Make the most of your social media community by connecting your sales teams and marketing services to your customers via social channels. Streamline your interactions, track engagement, and address your customer's queries and concerns on different social handles through a single tool. Eliminate information silos by creating company-wide collaboration to bring transparency to processes.

Advertising Studio

Build marketing campaigns that speak to your customers. Advertising Studio enables you to extract maximum value from the data collected in Salesforce CRM by helping you build customer-centric marketing & advertising strategies. Get access to Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud data to target your existing customers and lookalike audience across social, mobile, and display advertising networks.

Advertising Studio
Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform

Drive smart engagement with better marketing insights. Accelerate your business growth by tapping into the power of the Salesforce-Google Marketing Platform. Access advanced google analytics & marketing solutions from Google Marketing Platform to better understand your audience and build insight-driven campaigns that guarantee returns.

Build a true customer-first business approach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind? We are here to answer. If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line at our contact page.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud? icon

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing platform that allows you to automate marketing and sales processes to enhance customer engagement and increase conversions. It comes with tools such as mobile marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, CRM integration & marketing automation that helps you build omnichannel customer journeys tailor-made to their needs.

Is Salesforce a Marketing Cloud CRM? icon

Yes! Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the top CRM (customer relationship management) platforms available in the market for both small businesses and large enterprises. It helps companies build customer-centric marketing strategies that help improve customer interactions.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud? icon

Marketing Cloud provides in-depth customer insights to build & deliver a personalized experience in real-time. It helps you create optimized marketing workflows that make multi-channel interactions that encourage leads to convert. Its detailed reporting and analysis platform provides you with a single source of truth, aiding in better optimization of campaigns.

What are the key components of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud? icon

Marketing Cloud consists of Journey Builder, Email Studio, Data Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Mobile Studio, Interaction Studio, and Salesforce DMP.

Is Salesforce a marketing tool? icon

Marketing Cloud is an automation solution for your marketing and sales activities. It is a marketing platform that includes tools like push notification, social media automation, email marketing workflows, analytics, etc.

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