Salesforce Consulting & Integration Services

Salesforce Consulting & Integration Services

With our Salesforce Development Services, unlock the power of your data and integrate a single platform in your existing system that supports the end-to-end customer journey.

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Unify your Customer Touchpoints

Integrate all your teams around a single CRM platform to get a single and shared view of every customer. No matter your industry, services, products, Salesforce CRM solutions take care of your single most valuable asset of your business - Your Customers.

Make your way out of the jungle world of spreadsheets, sticky notes, and long emails. Centralize your data at a single platform to manage your sales, marketing, and operations for simplified business processes. Build your organization on a single, scalable, and secure Salesforce Service Cloud that is easy to customize and expand without any hassle. Get the power to serve, sell, and market your products/services with pre-build and integrated functionalities.

Proven to drive efficiency and growth, Salesforce development platform is a suite of market-leading products, increasing revenues and decreasing costs.


Why Choose CRM for your Business?

  • Effectively track and monitor your customer information.
  • Bring your entire team around a single platform from any device.
  • Automate and simplify repetitive tasks.
  • Get real-time insights and recommendations.
  • Customize functionalities according to your business.

Connect your existing and potential customers in a whole new way, and witness how our Salesforce consulting services will build more meaningful and lasting relationships. Get a better understanding of your customer's needs, identify new opportunities, instantly address problems, and deploy customer-friendly platforms quickly.

Our Certified Salesforce Consultants - Committed To Your Success

Want to find new customers and close deals faster? We can help you make insightful decisions and accelerate your sales productivity through Salesforce implementation, consulting, and training.

Salesforce Services

From understanding customers to driving sales, marketing products faster, and implementing support help desk, Salesforce development offers customized solutions to win deals.

Sales Cloud Automate


Sales Cloud automates the sales process and easily tracks contacts, improves sales performance, and increases customer satisfaction rate by staying updated with real-time insights from reports and dashboards.

Sell Smarter with Sales Cloud :

  • Easy lead follow up
  • Track emails, meetings, & calls
  • Access and update data from any device.
  • Collect & organize all support channels
  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Customization of features
Sales Cloud Automate


Be customer-centric with Salesforce Marketing Cloud that will entirely unify consumers, engage them, and personalize their experience with your business. Implement Salesforce to enable non-marketers to easily sell and market your products to the consumers.

Marketing Cloud offers:

  • Single and comprehensive approach
  • Discover new segments with AI
  • Pre-built templates
  • Streamlined messaging
  • Cross-channel campaigns
Sales Cloud Automate

Help Desk Support

Service Cloud offers a simple help desk setup to you bringing in customer inquiries via social media, email, phone, and chat. Build a knowledge base that allows your support agents to deliver the right information whenever required.

Service Cloud offers :

  • Insights to understand your customers
  • Knowledgebase that acts as a self-service portal
  • Supporting customers on any channel
  • Streamline your field service operations
Sales Cloud Automate

Customized Platform

Build customized connected apps with point and click tools, and launch them on the salesforce lightning platform. Additionally, Salesforce Platform can easily be integrated into your existing system.

Salesforce Platform offers :

  • Mobile-first apps
  • Create apps from spreadsheets
  • Prebuilt components
  • Drag-and-drop tools
  • No-code
Sales Cloud Automate

Sales Cloud

Whatever be the size of your organization, your sales team can share a common platform.

  • Profile and Contact Management
    Profile and Contact Management

    Get complete details of your customers, such as customer communication channel, history, contact details, and profile information.

  • Opportunity Management
    Opportunity Management

    Information on services, products, competition, and quotes. Get data on the team’s deals with Opportunity Management feature and stay connected with your people. productivity

  • Lead Management
    Lead Management

    Make real-time smarter decisions on where to invest your marketing budget. Monitor your existing and new leads from open to close, while simultaneously optimizing your campaigns.

  • Sales Data
    Sales Data

    Accurate sales data in real-time that gives you the opportunity to make faster decisions. Plan territories and improve productivity with accurate data.

Sales Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Create a one-on-one relationship with your customers with a Salesforce marketing solution.

  • Marketing Cloud
    Marketing Cloud

    The Marketing Cloud feature helps in the successful implementation of your Salesforce campaign. The feature also helps in connecting to the cloud community for solving problems collaboratively.

  • Manage B2B and B2C Relationship
    Manage B2B and B2C Relationship

    Make use of a single platform to engage both businesses and customers alike.

  • Market products smarter with AI
    Market products smarter with AI

    Market your product in new areas by exploring new segments in the market, according to consumer engagement, preferences, and recommendations.

  • Easy to Use
    Easy to Use

    The Salesforce platform offers Pre-built templates with streamlines messaging flow and mobile apps to execute cross-channel campaigns.

Sales Cloud

Help Desk Support

Service Cloud offers complete customer service support with the help of the self-service portal and chatbots.

  • Deep insights
    Deep insights

    Agents have the full authority to have an in-depth insight into who their customers are, by providing every customer interaction detail.

  • Self-service Portal
    Self-service Portal

    Create self service-portal for a more personalized support system. Build a responsive, seamless, and low-code platform for a more direct business approach.

  • Personalized customer service
    Personalized customer service

    Deliver personalized approach to your customer with the Service Cloud according to the customer profile, interest, and activities for delivering instant customer support.

  • Service portal
    Service portal

    With the service cloud, customers can directly access the agents through chat, online case submission, emails, or any other platform. The agent can also have a full-blown view of their customer’s activities.

Customize Platform

Customize Platform

Build, run, and optimize your customized app that will help connect your employees, customers, and data at a single platform

  • Integration Services
    Integration Services

    Connect and integrate your business data from your system to develop a unified view of your customer base.

  • Process Automation
    Process Automation

    Spend less time on repetitive tasks and automate the processes for any role or department.

  • Developer Tools
    Developer Tools

    Salesforce DX develop modern software processes, tools, and practices for handling the entire application development lifecycle.

  • Mobile Services
    Mobile Services

    Build your mobile app with code or clicks using microservices, native tools, and open-source frameworks.

Our Approach


Market Research

We understand and customize your salesforce integration as per your unique business needs and strategies. Being a pioneer in Cloud CRM and Artificial Intelligence systems, we will empower your team to make insightful and quick decisions when it comes to solve or predict your business challenges.


Optimizing Processes

From sales and automation to inventory management and customer support, Salesforce CRM helps to streamline all functions in a single system. It is like an integrated and multichannel tool on the web or on your mobile that takes care of the entire lifecycle of a process from starting till the end.



Our aim is to bring together customers and your employees to achieve the common objective to deliver a better business experience. With regular monitoring of sales performance, we can ensure that your employee knows how to use the CRM system efficiently through our detailed training sessions.


Our Expertise

Sales Cloud is the best way to get more leads, monitor sales & marketing performance, accelerate productivity, and track customer information anytime, anywhere.
Our Aim
Our aim is to bring together the right set of tools and technology to help our clients deliver better sales experience to their customers.
We strive to build the customized framework and our level of understanding of the Sales Cloud sets us apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce is a cloud solution that helps bring business and customers get a single view of the organization. The platform gives an integrated CRM that can consecutively deal with marketing, sales, commerce, and service.
The phase includes
  • Finding the right target client
  • Help build more sustainable relationships
  • Engage with Relevancy
  • Reduce Cost
  • Improves Sales Effectiveness
  • Increases employee efficiency
  • Greater customer retention rates
Salesforce has emerged as the most robust cloud-based CRM to serve the needs of the SMEs. Here are the top benefits that SMEs have already unfolded -
  • Mobility to their business
  • Automation
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Real-time Forecasting
  • Opportunity Management
  • Contact Management
  • Reports
  • Lead generation
  • Third-party Integration
  • Competitor Analysis
Salesforce CRM helps in handling customer data, streamlining processes, and improving overall profitability. It also removes the complexities of the analytics workflow and produce more accurate forecasting, among other benefits.
Some of the best Zoho Products for your business are -

Salesforce is a widely used CRM solution. Salesforce can be used by any industry niche, such as Financial, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, consumer goods, government, and a lot more.

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