Why is Zoho Changing the CRM Game?

Zoho CRM has been widely acclaimed as an award-winning tool designed to meet the customer relationship management requirements for small and medium enterprises. This cloud-based CRM tool offers a plenitude functionalities required to automate the daily sales and marketing activities

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Salesforce Lightning: the Salesforce Spring ‘17 Updates

The upgraded version of the Salesforce Lightning Experience is all set to make you a smart CRM user through a completely revamped user interface that enables seamless integration with all your devices. The Salesforce Spring ‘17 update of this brilliant

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Have you started mapping your Customer Journey through your CRM?

Recently I purchased a vacuum cleaner of a reputed brand. The pre-sales experience including the live demo of the equipment and its features were pretty impressive and I decided to make the purchase. Three months later, I reported a technical

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CRM and 3rd Party Integrations: What’s so crucial as well as challenging about it?

The efficiency and usability of business solutions can be enhanced considerably through the integration of multiple systems and applications both on-cloud and on-premise. The integrative features provide several benefits to the business in terms of improving the quality of information

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What to expect of Salesforce Spring ’17 Release?

The Salesforce Spring ’17 release is ready to take off. Spring ‘17 certainly is all packed with enhancements to accelerate the performance of your sales campaigns, get access to more accurate insights into what your customers want, and deploy analytical

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What you didn’t Know about Salesforce Winter ’17 Release? A Sneak Peek

Winters are here and guess what – the Salesforce Winter ’17 release is here to provide you with all new Lightning capabilities – specially designed to improve your interactions with your customers. So, what are the key features that make

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Go Win-Win With Test Automation In Salesforce

Test automation in Salesforce is the need of the hour as it is best customer relationship software and removing bugs at regular intervals with the speed of thought is important to survive in this business. The software is a merciless

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Play with ANT: Salesforce Force.com Migration Tool

The Force.com Migration Tool is a command-line utility based in Java Ant. It is helpful in moving metadata, code, objects and schema between a Salesforce org and local directory. The ANT Migration Tool is particularly useful in the scenarios as:

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Salesforce CRM vs Other CRM – User’s Experience & Reviews

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software(s) have created a lot of buzz in the business world. CRM software manages varied business processes, data and information, and factors such as marketing, sales, customer support, feedback, vendors and various necessary reports. It takes

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