5 Must-Follow Artificial Intelligence Trends for Entrepreneurs in 2019

February 25, 2019

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing for the coming decade at least. All big tech-giants have been investing in this technological advancement. However, Facebook recently stopped its AI-based operations. Their AI-engines have been talking in a new self-developed language on their own. While others took it as a threat, it is also a milestone in technological advancement. The machine learning related technologies will see their most significant rise in 2019. Hence, we can see AI development services are evolving at a great pace. Many businesses are trying to integrate AI with their operations. Companies like HP, Microsoft, Google are already in knee-deep research. They aim to make the world come together and develop like a branched ecosystem.

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Top 5 AI Development Trends:


 Let’s have a look at the top 5 AI trends that are ready to dominate the AI industry in 2019: –

1. AI embedded chip advancement


Artificial intelligence uses its intelligence to answer. This understanding comes through machine learning consulting technology. When the software learns from the inputs received by the user and starts acting for future work. Then, this operation requires sophisticated software and advanced customizable processors that can handle the heavy work of the CPU. It’s not guaranteed that higher RAM can profess machine learning as it might need more than one CPU to train an AI engine. The engine needs to be lightning fast in receiving and giving output. Like in case of AI photography, the camera adjusts itself according to the surrounding. Then adjusts lights and contrast to give the best picture.

2. Voice command development


Voice searching is the latest trend with evolved home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Shortly, we will see keyboards and cursors extinct. The touchscreen will belong to an obsolete era. According to Edit, 40% of adults use voice search daily. It is gaining immense popularity among young users who want to do tasks without using hands!

These devices are gaining access to our lives. However, we are surrendering ourselves to this technological slavery. Like the case of our smartphones; we can’t even think about a day without it. If you ask Siri, what’s the average count of consumption of home assistants in the west, the answer comes around 70-80%. This is beyond being impressive; it’s phenomenal. We all know whatever we say into the device goes to company servers for training and development. This is what we have been preparing ourselves for since a decade.

3. AI and the Internet of Things meet up finally


In 2019, AI meets the internet of things at the edge of computing layer. Most of the models trained in the public cloud will be testing the horizon. Where it feels both the principles have finally met. The corporate internet of things is the best solution for AI development services. It stores crisp decisions, professional approach and sharp analysis to rectify mistakes.

They will run, provided overlooking of the machine learning process is going on. In this case, hiring an AI development consulting firm is a good idea. It will look into the entire business process automation while the arrangement of funds is going on.

4. AI training by common people


The training process for AI and machine-learning is very tedious as well as time-consuming. The step rule followed for machine learning training is the connection of models to remote cloud clusters. The custom web development company has to collect all this data. It is un-arranged and disordered. Then they feed it to machine learning codes at their data command centers. The one AI idea has many disadvantages. First is the difficulty of giving out updates for the software. Then, there is no scope of training the machine and user later on, given the continuous data received from users.

There is a thing called Federated Learning approach proposed by Google. It learns from the keywords input by millions of users all over the world. Somewhat like the captcha thing, that Google do to read all the books available online. And then verifying all the genuine human user traffic. Tech-masters appreciate this step. As it is not dependent on the network issue or remote cloud receptivity. It is done by us daily without much fuss created.

Also, there is a significant rise in machine development companies in India. The youth is now more interested in developing drones and passive security techniques as it helps to solve day to day problems like frisking or shop-lifting. However, these AI development service provider companies offer world-class solutions to market beginners. They are now climbing up the ladder to reach the top business partners.

5. AI using offline data


AI uses online data and mines it. Tech-giants buy such sensitive data and at times sell them to generate revenue to research on the same project. Such data is collected, stored and tabulated to identify the common traits and adapt the machine learning. Now the online data can be manipulated at times. But the machine learning consulting services make sure they aren’t tricked to buy one. Still, the offline data is real gold, as it holds the varied human behavior. As well as many insights into those traits that remain untouched while dealing with online data.

There are CCTV, sensors, scanners everywhere. Most of them are connected online for security purposes. What many of them don’t know is that there are some open ports which are used for getting the data as simple as the way humans walk, or they greet! These insights are combined with data analytics, which is then fed to machine learners to program into the AI-based solutions.

Recently, many tech-giants have accepted about stealing sensitive data and tracking their users’ online activity. It’s a breach of privacy, but at times it can be thought as it’s being used to make our future easier and prosperous.

Are you looking to use AI to streamline your business operations? Are you seeking guidance from AI development services? Then, we are here to help you. At Signity Solutions, our team of expert developers works round the clock to develop ingenious solutions for AI. We are helping many businesses globally to harness the real potential for AI. Hire our outsourcing team now and let us help you unlock the real possibility of your business.

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