AWS is the System Architecture of the Web, What’s Next?

 AWS is the System Architecture of the Web, What’s Next?

When it comes to architecturing websites, AWS is the best. Launched by Amazon in 2006, it's the first choice for any developer.  Amazon web service is an evolving cloud computing platform. It provides a mix of services: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and packaged software as a service (SaaS) are the few offerings. You’ll love the array of options AWS provide.

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Today, cloud computing is gaining prominence. Consumers are demanding for user-friendly software. Viewing this, AWS is helping custom web developers in the right direction.

AWS Tools:


That is to say, AWS consultation is on the rise. The advantages it provides, make AWS unique in itself. Curious to know more? Want to know the tools it offers? Let me answer your queries in detail. Have a look:

●AWS (Amazon Web Service) CodeStar


It has a unified user interface. AWS CodeStar allow you to develop and deploy applications in a short time. You can release your codes faster. It is very secure and comes with an integrated issue tracking capability. In short, AWS CodeStar makes software development easy.

●AWS CodeCommit


It is a source control service. AWS CodeCommit eliminates the need for scaling your infrastructure. You can store your codes to binaries in it with ease. Also, you can integrate it with your existing Git tools.

●AWS CodeBuild


It’s a well-managed build service. With AWS CodeBuild you can compile the source code and run tests. There is no need to scale your own build servers. Its pre-packaged environment will help you save time as well as money.

●AWS Cloud9


It’s a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE). AWS Cloud9 comes prepackaged with all essential tools. With it, you can write and run codes using a simple browser. Also, it supports all popular programming languages. You can work on JavaScript, Python, and PHP using AWS Cloud9.

All in all, AWS  offers quality assistance to custom web developers. But, what’s next? What’s the scope of it beyond writing codes? Actually, AWS provides a host of other services too. Here are a few of these:

●Data management


Amazon web service provides excellent data management services. Its Amazon Relational Database Service is best in its class. With options for Oracle and MySQL, it’s good for keeping data arranged. Amazon Aurora is another high-performance database that AWS offers.

●Migration/hybrid services


It offers AWS Migration Hub. Using it you can migrate your databases and servers into its public cloud. It will also help you in monitoring your applications from a distance. Amazon also partners with other technology vendors. VMware and AWS is a popular hybrid cloud service.

●Big data management 


 Big data analytics is an important part of AWS. It provides many application services. Amazon Elastic MapReduce can process huge amounts of information. On the other hand, Amazon Kinesis is good for analyzing streaming data.

●Artificial Intelligence


Amazon web service provides many AI development models. It offers well-packaged AI-based applications. For voice and text chatbots, Amazon Lex is in great demand. You can use Amazon Polly for text-to-speech translations. Also, for facial and image analysis, there is Amazon Recognition.



In the final analysis, AWS provides a great set of tools to website architects. Its potential is enormous. We at Signity Solutions have years of experience in AWS deployment. So, if you also wish to use AWS development services, we are happy to help you. Hire our outsourcing team and we will provide you the best services. Feel free to reach us and we will revert back at the earliest.

Priyanka Mehra