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Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency in 2019: Top 5 Future Predictions

  The concept of a digital currency that started nine years back with just a few people aware of it has now emerged into one of the trendiest topics that is being talked about. Blockchain technology has become successful due

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Practical Applications of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts can systematize processes across every small business. Smart contracts ensure the availability of the resources needed to fill company orders. It also ensures the availability of data required to deliver a service when needed. Specific applications of smart

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cryptocurrency exchanges getting better with user experience

How are Cryptocurrency Exchanges Getting Better with User Experience?

Digital money is a reality today. With the advent of blockchain technology, many cryptocurrencies have entered the market. In particular, Bitcoin Ether, and XRP have gained huge popularity in recent times. They have emerged as a digital alternative to the

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limitations of smart contracts

What are the Limitations of Smart Contracts, and How Can Service-Based Organisations Address These?

“This is a Guest post originally shared by Amit Dua, CEO of Signity Solutions at“ While many ideas around smart contracts usage are being generated, most of them are futile. Smart contracts are computer protocols which are used to

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5 ways cryptocurrency can change the way businesses run

5 Ways Cryptocurrency Can Change the Way Businesses Run

Today, cryptocurrencies are a well-known entity. In the last few years, their demand has witnessed a tremendous growth. With a market cap of $425 billion, cryptocurrencies are all set to change the landscape of commerce. In reality, what’s making these

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Role of Smart Contracts in reducing Supply Chain Wastage

Role of Smart Contracts in reducing Supply Chain Wastage

A supply chain can be a cumbersome process. It requires deliveries to happen on time. It may take days for a payment to be completed between the supplier and the manufacturer, or a customer and a vendor. There are always

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Role of Blockchain in Supply Chain Optimization

The Supply chain is complicated, cumbersome, and time-consuming. It is a network of entities that are involved in getting the goods from its point of origin to the final point of consumption. But the system is severely faulted and poses

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Role of Blockchain in Reducing Copyright Infringement

Being a creative person in today`s internet driven world is probably the hardest thing to be. And it is not because creativity in the form of artistic endeavors such as music, photography, painting, and writing, is a very time-consuming process.

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The Future is Here: Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

If you have to name the most disruptive tech in decades, Blockchain is the answer. This ledger based technology is transforming the IT industry in a way not seen before. Though not a household buzzword, blockchain is creating noise lately

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The Check-List for Well Maintained Smart Contracts.

It`s paperwork continuing to get replaced with digital versions in today `s world. Since new applications continue to emerge, they help in the transition to the digital world. Along the transition, keeping a strong check on transitional chaos to make

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