Bridging the gap between CRM and Email: One new innovation at a time!

 Bridging the gap between CRM and Email: One new innovation at a time!

It is now more than vital to bridge the gap between CRM and email through high technology as most sales people want instant connectivity with CRM.

A global leader in CRM applications, the Salesforce has unleashed a new innovation that gives sales leaders the ability to search, see and update in real time all entries that are listed on their email contact list.

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This way they can focus on their top clients every minute. It’s an established fact that eighty percent of the business is generated by twenty percent of customers. And focusing of the best clients through high technology tools like CRM will give an edge in business. Known for being a leader in the software as a service space, this is the first non-sales force application that has been released to a committed base of dedicated Salesforce users.

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Why is this application a class apart?


By displaying relevant Salesforce data in an easy and succinct format right in front of the screen, without the need to toggle between applications even for joint force, the company has unleashed a master stroke functionality that will endear itself to users.

What this application actually is that it contains a set of reusable code blocks that are downloadable from the company’s App exchange.

This functionality comes with the Lightning App Builder tool which helps developers to create new applications or integrates them into third-party software. These components can be further embedded into Outlook.

Such an integrated system brings all the functionalities of SaaS into the outlook account of users. Price quote updates can be instantly responded to with the unique steel-brick functionality that allows for users to configure, price, quote.

Manual addition of entries is eliminated giving huge relief to sales personnel through automatically syncing contact and calendar events.

Here are certain factors that you need to count while thinking of bridging the gap between CRM and email: 


  • Technology used to build the CRM
  • Proprietary/open source framework
  • Strength of the development team with regards to development, maintenance and updation of code
  • Lightweight coding that is fast-loading, optimized and less prone to downtime
  • Ability of the software to scale up according to the size of the business
  • Ease of use for frontline staff
  • Cost vs. benefit analysis

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The ultimate productivity enhancement tool:


  • By bringing the power of Sales Force Lightning to email, what will eventually happen is that users will spend more time in developing the business rather than spending time in managing their electronic communication.
  • This new functionality will be offered across Microsoft’s products be it Windows, Macintosh, Windows mobile and Outlook mobile.
  • Being a cloud-based functionality, it gets automatically updated with all new features without the need for users to manually download and install them.

Such added functionalities will surely delight Microsoft and Salesforce CRM users who will definitely renew their licenses and even try and include Office 365 in their portfolio. So, if you are looking to stay ahead of the competition, the faster you embrace these functionalities, the better it will be for your enterprise. It’s a winner takes all world where players who lead in technology often win the game for market share.

Ritika Jatana Suneja