Having Mobile App is Imminent for Daily Service Business.

June 21, 2018

Having mobile app is imminent for daily service business

In present times smartphones have become a part of our lifestyle. They are no more a luxury rather a necessity.  A recent study has revealed that 70 % of the world’s population is online and the number is only going to increase in the coming years. With the rapid adoption of mobile devices and tablets, businesses today need a mobile presence to stay in touch with their customer base. The importance of direct interaction with one’s customers can no longer be ignored and this is what has fueled the app revolution. The concept of having a customized app is growing fast with companies ready to invest in mobile app development. In nutshell going the app, the way is the best method for daily service businesses to capture the global market with the power of the internet.

The mobile apps with their ability to bridge the gap between virtual and physical worlds offer businesses exciting opportunities to expand customer interaction. So do your business needs a mobile app? Let’s look out for the answer in detail.

  • Increased visibility-

The mobile apps increase the overall visibility of a brand as the app is always visible on the home screen. This helps in building a loyal customer base because the business is always in front of the customer’s eyes.

  • Increased customer engagement-

The mobile apps are making businesses more accessible to the customers as per their choice and comfort. They are slowly becoming a valuable tool for the modern methods of marketing by seamlessly connecting and interacting with a large pool of potential customers.

  • Reduced costs-

With the help of mobile apps, the brands can securely and directly message their customers thereby reducing the costs of printed advertisements and SMS service. Also going the app way reduces the load of a company’s workforce.

  • More direct marketing-  

Today is the time of direct marketing. The mobile apps provide a information to the companies about their customers when they use their apps. Knowing the demographics and geographical locations of customers,  help companies market their products accordingly. The concept of direct marketing has huge benefits for companies in the long run.

  • Digital loyalty program-

Making one’s loyalty program digital using a mobile app can be very beneficial for companies. As today people are glued to their smartphones, using push notifications to inform customers about various coupons, vouchers, complimentary gifts etc. can boost a company’s sales and profits.

  • Increased customer loyalty-

The mobile apps help in building a loyal customer base. The apps constantly remind customers of the various products and services a company offers. In the time of too many advertisements,  the apps help in establishing a strong connection between the clients and the companies that leads to increased recognition and loyalty.

  • Social platform

The mobile apps with features like in-app messaging, sharing of pics and logging into account using Facebook or Gmail or Twitter, increases the overall value of a brand or company. This approach helps in better customer engagement, repeated sales, and increased monetization.

In a time when mobile phones have surpassed the number of desktop users, having a mobile app is a necessity for businesses. This is the reason why mobile application development companies are in vogue these days. So if you also want to give your company a technical edge over others and capture the global market, look nowhere else than Signity Solutions. With a dedicated and experienced team of mobile app developers, we will give our best in understanding and be fulfilling your goals. Feel free to reach us here and we will revert back at the earliest

Rohit Madaan

Rohit Madaan

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Rohit Madaan